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Primula’s Perfect Cup of Tea

The hardest part of making a delicious cup of tea has already been done for you. The fine people at Primula Tea have selected the finest tea leaves and packaged them carefully just for your pleasure. Now all you have to do is add water, steep and enjoy.


But for those of you who like specific instructions and a play by play guide, refer to the following table for general steps on how much to use and how long to brew.


Loose teas have slightly different brewing times and temperatures, while herbal teas take the longest, about 5-10 minutes on average. Don’t worry, it’s easy and soon you’ll be your own Brew master!


Flowering Tea Bulbs

Primula flowering teas are individually wrapped and sealed in foil to assure freshness. Once you remove a flowering tea bulb from its’ package, simply place in your cup or pot and add hot water, around 180º. Wait about 4 to 5 minutes and then enjoy.


Loose Teas

Try not to steep your loose teas too long, or the flavorful essence inside the leaves may turn your tea bitter. Use the recommended tea times above as a maximum. If the tea is still not strong enough to your liking, increase the amount of tea you’re using to get a more intense flavor. Do not increase the steeping time.


If you plan on making iced tea and then pouring the hot tea directly over ice, it is best to double the amount of tea you steep to get the desired taste. If however you let the tea come to a cool temperature before adding ice, the initial amount you’d use for hot tea should be sufficient.


Tools of the Trade

If you have a a tea kettle, a cast iron teapot, a traditional teapot or a tea press, you’re well on your way to making a delicious cup of tea.


Tea kettles

Primula’s tea kettles are designed to heat water quickly to the perfect temperature. All of Primula’s tea kettles are designed to not only be functional, but beautiful as well. Many of them whistle, alerting you when the water is ready to pour. Once your water has heated to the appropriate temperature it will be ready to pour into your tea pot. If you are brewing loose tea leaves, place the desired amount of loose tea into your tea pot’s infuser and then pour the hot water slowly from the tea kettle over the leaves into the pot. Top with the lid and allow to steep. Once the time is up, remove the infuser from the pot and pour your freshly brewed tea into a cup and enjoy. All of Primula’s tea pots have infusers to make this a simple step, but if your teapot doesn’t have an infuser, remove the leaves with a strainer before pouring your tea. If you aren’t using tea leaves, and are making a flowering tea, simply place the bulb directly in the bottom of the tea pot ( preferably a transparent glass one so you can watch the bloom unfold) and pour the hot water directly into the pot. After a few minutes, a beautiful flower will emerge and your tea will have the delicious flavor the tea leaves and flower emitted.


Tea Warmers

Tea warmers are great for keeping your teapot and the tea warm, without overheating or re-cooking the tea. Primula’s tea warmer uses a tea-light that gives off an attractive flicker, while keeping your tea warm for hours.


Cast Iron Teapots

Primula’s cast iron teapots are extremely durable and exquisitely detailed. Many tea drinkers choose cast iron teapots because they are fairly small, have beautiful ornamentation on the outside and keep your tea hot for longer.  In Japan, cast iron teapots are known as tetsubin and  are held highly esteemed. Cast iron is acclaimed for quick heating and yielding a very good quality tea.


Most cast iron teapots have mesh baskets called infusers which fit inside the teapot and hold the tea leaves while brewing. Primula’s interior of the teapot is enamel coated to prevent it from rusting and thus making it easier to clean.


Tea Presses

Primula’s Tea Presses are perfect for brewing loose leaf tea and especially great for making larger amounts. Tea presses work the same way as a Coffee French press. You place your loose tea in the bottom of the beaker (pot). Use approximately 1 tsp. of tea  per 6 ozs. of water. Then heat your water in a kettle to the appropriate temperature, (depending on the tea type you’re making, it could be between 175º and 208° degrees- refer to the above chart). After pouring the hot water into the pot, place the press’s lid on top, but DO NOT press down the plunger. Brew the tea for the appropriate number of minutes (anywhere between 3 to 6 minutes). After the time is up, very slowly, press down on the plunger and gently push to the bottom. Now you can immediately pour the tea into cups and enjoy. The tea leaves will remain in the bottom of the press and you will have a delicious hot cup of freshly brewed loose tea in your cup!


Tea Flowers

One of the best things about Primula’s flowering teas are the ability to enjoy them over and over. Though you’ll only get the experience of watching each bulb unfurl and bloom once, you can savor the delicious flavor up to three more times. When you’re ready to enjoy another pot, add more hot water and the same delicious flavor will emerge again. Some people even claim the second and third pots of flowering tea are more flavorful than the first. After steeping it three times, remove the flower and place on a glass dish for it to dry out. The beauty will remain and you’ll have an interesting showpiece.


Loose Tea Leaves

One advantage of loose tea leaves over teabags is the ability to enjoy multiple infusions. Many of Primula’s green and black teas can be reused to get cup after cup of delicious tea.


Tea Bags

Tea bags are small sealed bags generally made out of paper, silk or plastic that contain cut up tea leaves. They work as a tea infuser, keeping the tea leaves in the bag, while water filters through the bag and emits the flavored tea into the cup. Most have an attached piece of string with a paper label identifying the type of tea. Once the bag has steeped, it is removed from the cup, squeezed gently and then tossed aside. Primula has an innovative new design called the Tea Bag Buddy which secures the tea string and locks in the heat in the cup. It then provides the drinker with a firm grasp to remove the tea bag, squeeze the excess out, and helps prevent burns and excessive spills.


Wrap -Up

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. Tea is a delicious and beneficial alternative to all other beverages as it not only refreshes and hydrates, but it acts as a detoxifier removing unhealthy contaminants and provides the body with healing antioxidants.  Tea has been proven to provide psychological benefits as well, and there’s nothing quite like a relaxing cup of hot tea to set your mind at ease. Whether you’re a novice to tea, or a tea connoisseur, allow Primula to provide you with extraordinary moments and extraordinary tea!