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About Epoca International, Inc.

Epoca is a family-owned business that has roots going back to 1946, when the founder Henry Melzer began buying and selling houseware products from around the world. Henry, a WWII veteran, had exceptional linguist abilities and was able to speak a multitude of languages. He used these skills to communicate with buyers around the world to find unique houseware products to introduce into the US.


Henry’s son, Steven joined his father in 1971 and together they began specializing in distributing their products to domestic retailers. By 1985, they had four distribution centers across the country and Steven began focusing on Italian made imports, eventually changing the structure of the company into Epoca. Epoca obtained the North American distribution rights to sell Ballarini, an internationally recognized cookware brand. Steven continued to grow the Ballarini distribution base in retailers throught North America. In 1995 he realized early that home brewed coffee was a growing trend outside of a traditional percolator or drip cup coffee maker. Steven introduced Primula and began selling quality stovetop espresso makers under the Primula brand name. In 2000, Epoca expanded its distribution facility and made technological improvements to improve efficiency to keep up with the increasing demands.


 In 2005, Steven’s son Brian joined Epoca. Brian’s goal was to increase Primula’s product selection. Brian focused into the consumer. How were consumers around the world preparing beverages and could these experiences be translated into products that are easy to use. Primula quickly added items that appealed to the consumers senses like fresh pressed coffees and flowering teas. Through Steven and Brian’s partnership Primula Tea was formed. Primula Tea experienced a huge growth in 2007 and they became the largest purveyor of flowering teas in the world.


Epoca continued to excel and deliver innovative solutions to businesses and retailers alike. In 2008, cookware Epoca took their cookware production to China where they launched Ecolution Cookware. Epoca was the first company to market an eco-friendly water based non-stick called Hydrolon. The introduction of Hydrolon has allowed Epoca to expand their presence worldwide.


Today Epoca operates two engineering offices in China, two satellite sales office, two design studios and their headquarters are located in South Florida. With brands like Ecolution, Primula Teas, Primula, Easy Exotic, and Laroma producing cookware, teaware, coffeeware, glassware, and gourmet food, you can easily see why this family owned business is celebrating tradition and love for products all rolled into one. Epoca has maintained a reputation of quality, exceptional value and remarkable service throughout it’s humble beginnings to make it what it is today.