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Primula Top Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Drink Tea?


Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, trailing only behind water. Tea drinking has been linked to health benefits for centuries, but recently it’s medicinal properties have been scientifically investigated and confirmed. Tea’s health benefits are extracted from the high content of flavonoids which are full of antioxidants. Catechins are the term commonly used to refer to these plant-derived flavonoids. Laboratory tests have shown that these catechins are more powerful than vitamins C and E in halting oxidative damage to the cells. They’ve also been shown to have other disease fighting properties and reduce the risk for certain cancers, heart disease and lowering LDL ( bad cholesterol). (excerpt from:

Another great reason to drink tea is purely on taste. Whether you are drinking black, green, white or oolong tea, you’re sure to find a flavor to your liking. Each can be mixed with flowers, fruits or berries to absorb their inherent taste. Tea can be brewed to your desired strength and then consumed hot or cold over ice. It also can have a relaxing soothing effect. Tea is also extremely affordable to brew, as many teas can be seeped several times and drank throughout the entire day.

These are just a few of the many reasons why drinking tea has become a way of life for millions of people all over the world.


2. What are Primula Flowering Teas?


Primula flowering teas are delicious to drink and beautiful to watch as the flower unfurls. A flowering tea bloom is meticulously hand formed by skilled artisans. This practice dates back hundreds of years and China is most frequently credited for creating these treasures. Fresh tea leaves are formed into a sphere and dried flowers are tucked inside the leaves. The artisan then hand-sews the leaves together hiding the flowers inside. When hot water is added to the Primula flowering tea sphere, a gorgeous flower erupts. Only edible flowers are used and some of Primula’s more popular flavors are green tea with acaiberry, green tea with pomegranate and white tea with vanilla.   Each Primula tea flower is made with about 7 grams of tea and will produce 15 cups with each infusion. And each tea flower can be reused three times; so brewing a flowering tea is not only beautiful but economical as well.


3. How do I make Primula Flowering Tea?


First, remove any infuser that may be in the tea pot. Secondly, place the tea bloom into the bottom of the pot. A transparent glass tea pot is preferred if you want to watch the flower emerge. Now pour hot water, about 180º, into the pot. Within a minute or two you’ll see the tea laves unfurling and the flower blooming. Allow it to brew for a total time of about 5 to 6 minutes, then pour directly into your cup and enjoy.


4. How do I re-brew my flower?


Primula tea flowers can be used up to three times in a 24 hour period. Simply pour more hot water  over the flower once you’re ready for a second pot. Allow it to steep for your desired strength and enjoy. Many people claim the later pots actually produce the best flavor- we’ll let you be the judge!


5. Does tea have caffeine?


Tea’s caffeine level is dependent on how the leaves were processed and how long the tea is brewed.  

Black Tea is oxidized as it undergoes a rolling technique that breaks down the cell structure in the leaves, causing it to release oils and other juices. This reaction gives the tea its color and its distinctive flavor. The longer it is oxidized, the darker the leaf color and overall taste. Black tea has the highest level of caffeine but still contains less than a typical cup of brewed coffee.

Green tea does not go through the oxidation process like black tea. The delicate tea leaves are processed by briefly steaming the just harvested leaves long enough to make them soft and flexible. Then, very gently, they are rolled out and dried with hot air until they are crisp. The end result produces a greenish-yellow tea leaf and it doesn’t allow the tea to ferment.  Though the caffeine level of tea varies based on how long the tea is brewed, green tea typically contains about 20 mg of caffeine, which is about half of what black tea contains, and about a quarter of the caffeine content in your average cup of coffee.

     White Tea, which is the least processed of all the teas, contains the smallest amount of caffeine- about 15 mg per serving.

 Herbal teas that are derived of plant materials including leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, roots and fruits are not actually teas. Real tea, like white, green, and black tea, comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and do contain caffeine. Genuine herbal teas do not contain caffeine but can still contain the healthy antioxidant properties real tea is associated with.


6. How many calories and carbohydrates are in Primula’s teas?


It is almost impossible to determine the nutritional facts on tea since it is a natural product. As in fruits and vegetables, tea leaves are each slightly different in size and quality, and calories and carbohydrates cannot be calculated due to the minute amount found in tea leaves. If you don’t add milk, sugar, honey or other flavoring to your tea, a cup usually contains less than 5 calories.


7. Is the tea organic?


All of Primula’s flowering and loose teas are made from the finest all-natural tea leaves. The tea leaves are hand picked from the Camellia sinensis plant found in the richest climates of China. Each are chosen from the finest, youngest tea leaves and selected for their quality and flavor. Though Primula’s teas are all natural, they are not certified organic.


8. If the tea is made in China, how do I know it’s safe?


All of our Primula Flowering Teas are made from the finest natural tea leaves. Our product is inspected and certified by the CIQ, which is a special governing agency that works with the approval of the FDA.


9. Are Primula teas kosher?


No, Primula teas are not certified kosher.



10. Are Primula teas gluten-free?


 Yes, Primula teas are gluten-free.



11. How long is the shelf life of your flowering tea?


Each Primula flowering tea is individually wrapped and sealed in a foil bag that will last for over two years.


12. How much water is needed to brew a tea flower?


All of Primula flowering teas are made using 7 grams of tea. Compare this to a tea bag which typically contains .8 grams of tea. That’s why one flower can produce three pots of tea! Primula suggests using at least 7 ounces of water to brew the flower, and once the tea color becomes a little darker, after about 5 minutes, you can remove the flower and drink the tea. To brew more tea, add more water to the flower and continue the process again.


13. I am having trouble ordering online. Can you take the order by phone?


     Yes. We would love to help you place your order. Please call us at 561-353-3900 anytime between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Eastern time.


14.  I need a replacement part. Where can I buy one?


 Please go to teaware replacement parts or coffee replacement parts to see the pictures and descriptions of available replacement parts. This should help you identify what you need for your specific coffee and tea products. You will then be able to order directly from this page.


15.  My glass broke. Is it covered under a warranty?


If for some reason, you received your purchase and found that your glass has broken somewhere between our place and yours, we will replace it free of charge if you notify us within five days of receipt. If the glass is broke after that time, then unfortunately the answer to this question is no, it won’t be replaced for free. Though our glassware is made of durable borosilicate glass, it still can break if dropped or chipped. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause if your glass breaks and so we do offer replacement pieces at the best possible prices on our glass beakers and pots.


16.  I am a retailer and would love to place an order. Can I speak with someone directly?


Of course you can. Please call our sales division at 561-353-3900. We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding Primula products and can help in establishing your retail site as a premier Primula distributor.


17.  Are the Glass tea pots durable?


Our Primula glass tea pots are made of hand blown borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with the main glass-forming constituents silica and boron oxide. This glass is known for being resistant to thermal shock much more than other common glass. Used in laboratory test tubes and in European made Pyrex dishes, it is created to be both strong and beautiful. It is made to withstand extreme temperatures. These pots are also microwave and dishwasher safe.


18. What is a tea infuser?


A tea infuser is used to hold your loose tea while the tea is brewing. It is constructed to allow the water to infuse the leaves, without allowing the leaves to escape into the cup or pot. It serves the same function as a tea bag, and it preserves all the healthy antioxidants inside your liquid tea.


19. How do I use the tea infuser?


First, place your glass or mesh infuser inside your cup or pot. Then add your loose tea leaves or Primula’s rosebuds into the infuser. Pour hot water (around 180º) into the pot slowly, allowing the tea to brew. After  about 4 minutes, if the tea looks to be your desired color, slowly lift and remove the infuser and then pour your tea into a cup and enjoy.


20.  How do I care for a Cast Iron Tea Pot?


Before its first use, Primula recommends using a mild dishwashing soap and washing the inside of the pot with hot water and a soft cloth or sponge. Dry inside thoroughly, while allowing the outside of the pot to air dry. It is now ready for use. After each brewing, simply rinse with hot water and towel dry the inside. It is best to separate the lid and pot and allow to dry, to guard against rusting. Don’t be surprised to see a natural mineral layer gradually develop on the inside of the pot. This patina is not harmful and is beneficial for the health and flavor of your tea. Some things to avoid on a cast iron tea pot are salt and oil. These tend to damage the finish on the pot’s outside and oil stains can not be removed.  Lastly, cast iron tea pots have been hand crafted and painted and coated with enamel. Placing a cast iron teapot directly on your stove, especially the more common ceramic glass topped ones, will damage your teapot. Cast iron teapots are not to be used in microwaves or in conventional ovens.


21. How much will 2 ozs. of tea make?


Two ozs. of tea will brew between 25 to 30 8 oz. cups of tea.


22. How long will loose tea stay fresh?


Loose tea will last 2 to 3 weeks outside of an air-tight container. If it is sealed and kept air-tight, it can last up to a year.


23. How do I make iced tea?


Typically, iced tea is made using twice the amount of tea you would normally use for hot tea. Add hot water and once it is done steeping to your desired strength, remove the leaves and pour your tea over ice. If you are going to add sweetener, it is best to add it to the hot water first, to make it easier to dissolve.


24. Do you offer wholesale?


Primula now accepts wholesale orders and payments directly through the website. Primula offers its unique range of products to retailers worldwide. If your shop, tearoom, or restaurant is looking for something special, we think our attractive and extraordinary products can make a real difference to your customers. We offer trade discounts on all our products. So if you wish to try any of our products, we suggest you purchase them first on our website. The trade discount price will then be applied with your first bulk order. If you decide not to order, you can take advantage of our 100% Money Back guarantee and return the items to us in their original packaging. Everything but the return postage costs are refundable per our return policy.


25. How do you become a wholesale customer?


Register your business details using the form on our Wholesale page. Allow 3 business days for us to approve and activate your online wholesale order website. Your trade customer account will be live within insert here, so you can conveniently place an online order at your convenience.


26. Do you offer discounts or coupons?


Primula’s prices have been carefully considered to cover the costs to bring exceptional flowering tea and quality items to its customers. We are known for delivering the finest products at the most competitive prices. Primula promises to keep costs down and we don’t fabricate high mark-ups and then offset it with a coupon or a discount. For that reason, the prices offered are already comparably lower than any competing quality item you would find elsewhere. We believe and stand by our products and always promise to deliver better than you expect!


27. How much does Shipping cost?


When you get to the checkout page on your online order, you’ll clearly be able to determine the cost of shipping. It varies with each order, depending on the size of the box and the total weight of the order.  All Primula products are carefully packaged and boxed with the utmost care to assure that you get it quickly and in perfect condition. The shipping method and carrier for your package will be listed in your shipment confirmation email. A tracking number can be obtained as well by contacting the appropriate carrier.


28.  Do you offer gift wrapping?


At this time, gift wrapping is not available.


29.  Do you offer gift cards or gift certificates?


No, not at this time.


30.  How do I return an item?


 Please contact Primula through our contact us page. or call Terri in customer service at 561-353-3900 ext. 3901 to receive a Return Authorization number.

If you kept the packing slip with your order, please use the return label that is on that packing slip and clearly indicate the Return Authorization number in the provided field so we can easily process your return. (We recommend keeping this number on file as well in case you need to call us to ask questions). Return the item to Primula with a traceable carrier and retain the tracking number for your records as Primula can not be held responsible for lost or damaged items in transit.


Please note: Primula does not accept returns on items without a return authorization number, on used or damaged items, on products with missing pieces or those not in their original packaging, and any items over 30 days of the shipment receipt date.


Primula wants to keep all its customers happy and we want you thrilled with your purchase and the entire transaction. If for some reason, you’re not, please contact us at 561-353-3900 ext. 3901 and ask to speak with Terri. She loves to make people happy and to solve problems.