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Flowering Tea

Flowering Teas, also known as Blooming Teas or Tea Flowers, have become a sensory sensation for tea-drinkers everywhere. When one steeps a flowering tea bundle, it unfolds and releases a beautiful flower creating a magical show before your eyes.


 A flowering tea is hand formed by skilled artisans. This practice dates back hundreds of years and China is credited for creating these treasures.  They use only the freshest of tea leaves and form them into their desired shape, traditionally a sphere.  The flowers are then tucked inside the leaves and the tea leaves are twisted to hide the surprise inside. When hot water is poured over the sphere, the tea brews causing the leaves to spread open. It is then when the skill of the artist who crafted this tea bouquet is exposed.  A gorgeous flower will gently erupt into its natural beauty! As the bloom releases, the liquid retains the flavor and characteristics of the tea leaves, producing an aromatic ambrosia that is not only beautiful to look at, but also enjoyable to drink. These teas are best served in a crystal clear teapot or glass mug so you can watch the beauty unfold.


What do the artisans use? A floweringtTea is made by binding the fresh tea leaves (any of the white, black, or green tea varieties can be used) around one or more dried flowers. They only use edible flowers and there are many to choose from including chrysanthemums, jasmine, lily, hibiscus, and globe amaranth.  Some popular Primula Tea flavors are Green Tea with Jasmine, White Tea with Vanilla, Green Tea with Acaiberry, and Green Tea with Pomegranate.  

Since each flower is made with about 7 grams of tea one advantage of brewing Flowering Teas is their ability to be be reused two or three times. Each hand-crafted bloom is designed for multiple infusions. Therefore you can get many delicious cups of tea from the very same bloom. Of course, the tea will continue to give off it’s delicious taste, but it will only bloom once- so don’t miss the first unfurling!


It’s very easy to make a cup or pot of Flowering Tea.  The first step is to boil water. Secondly, unwrap your tea bloom as Primula Flowering Teas are individually sealed and protected in an air-tight packet to preserve freshness. Next, place your tea ball into a clear glass or clear teapot. Lastly, pour your boiling water over it. Watch as the beauty blooms. Within 3 to 5 minutes, you’ll have a delicious healthy tea to drink.  And the beauty doesn’t have to end there.  These flowers are not just gorgeous in the water, they’re resilient as well. Once you’ve had your fill of tea, remove the bloom and allow it to dry. Your dried bouquet can then be transferred to a small crystal dish for a unique natural display. You can also place them in a wine glass. Keep the water fresh to keep the beauty of the flower preserved.


Another great feature of Flowering Teas are the health benefits they exude. Green, White and Black Tea leaves all contain polyphenols. These are the the antioxidants that are known to work against free-radicals in our bodies. Since tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water, it’s nice to hear that drinking tea can help ward off diseases, provide a health benefit, and taste great all at the same time!

And if you need a party idea for you and your girlfriends, invite them over for movie and Tea. Put in the highly acclaimed 2006 movie Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst and be transported to another time. Watching the movie will enlighten you to the extravagant 18th century monarchy where you’ll see the beautiful Queen of France sipping a tea that blooms. You and your guests can have the same experience when you give them each their own bulb of Jasmine Blooming Flower Tea. They’ll be amazed as the beautiful Red Globe Amaranth flower blooms in their cup just as it does in Marie Antoinette’s glass. They’ll probably be so enamored with the tea and flower, you’ll have to pause the movie so they don’t miss anything!


Flowering Tea, whether you enjoy it alone in quiet solitude, or share it amongst the company of others- its sure to be the highlight of your day!  And if you want a beautiful delicious tea that blooms beautifully every time, try Primula Flowering Teas. They transform ordinary moments into extraordinary!  Primula. Something Extraordinary is Brewing.