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Primula Party Ideas

Primula loves turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Experience a new way to celebrate special events by introducing tea into the occasion.


Below are a few suggestions that make great party planning ideas for all types of celebrations. These tips can help you plan a child’s tea party or an elaborate bridal shower. Maybe you want to celebrate a graduation, a baptism, or a Ph.D. award. Whether it’s a birthday party, a baby shower or a holiday social makes no difference - tea can bring a discriminating air to the observance and make it uniquely special and memorable.


Children’s Tea Party

Have you ever watched young children having a “tea party?” They love placing stuffed animals and dolls around a fancily-decorated table and pouring pretend tea from tiny toy-sized tea pots. Why not encourage their hosting abilities and showcase their talents with a real tea party, with pint-sized friends instead of teddy bears? Pull out the lace tablecloths, adorn with some shortbread cookies and dainty napkins, and tell all their friends to get dressed up in their fanciest attire. Surprise them with a beautiful glass teapot that they can magically place a flowering tea inside, and impress the guests as the tea bud blooms and a flower emerges.

Add a few of Primula’s rose buds to the mix as children love seeing them in their tea cups.


Baby Showers

Why wait till they grow old enough to have a tea party? Give them one before they even arrive! Host a special Baby Shower for the Mother-To-Be. There are plenty of caffeine-free herbal teas she can enjoy. Set the table with a beautiful floral arrangement and incorporate those same colors and scents into your tea party. Jasmine, Peach and Vanilla are popular Primula flavors that deliver an ambrosial scent and deliver a relaxing, tasty ambience. For a special present, wrap up the elegant glass Sophe teapot along with a canister of Apple Cinnamon tea. The new mom will certainly appreciate the fleeting moments of quiet time after the baby arrives when she can sit back, indulge in some hot tea, and think of the special shower you gave her.


Achievement Parties

Celebrate a new degree or achievement award with a special tea party. Did your husband just retire from his company?  Maybe your daughter graduated high school, or your son earned his Master’s degree. Did your grandchild just receive a scholarship to an Ivy League school or maybe your niece just won the statewide spelling bee? Perhaps your child’s soccer team recently won the national title or a neighbor just completed a marathon. It really doesn’t matter how big or small, a tea party can add a special touch to honor someone special.


Send out invitations, pick a location suitable for the event and crowd, and decorate with mementos that focus on the guest of honor. A friend in London hosted a beautiful tea party for her sister who ran in a marathon in May. She decorated with flowers from the parks along the course.  A Finish Line banner was hung behind the table showcasing pictures from the run and the ribbon she won. A big stop-watch marked her time and decorative tea-cups embossed with the date were given to each attendee, and an English-themed selection of teas was served to the guests.



Many golfers have early tee-times. This is perfect if you’re planning a kick-off breakfast before a tournament’s start. At a recent California tournament, the golfers were given a tea chest of flavorful loose and flowering teas, along with a commemorative pack of embossed tees. This Tea and Tee gift set was a big hit with the players.  Many of the golfers said they preferred drinking a cup of Earl Grey or loose white tea before their round, because it relaxed them. They would choose it over coffee because they didn’t want the higher caffeinated coffee to affect their steady swing.


 Catalog Parties

The days of women sitting around selling Tupperware have all but passed, but many individuals still work in catalog sales and host parties from people’s homes. If you decide to host an in-home demonstration, whether it’s for clothing, makeup or kitchenware, tea should be an integral part of the event. It creates a relaxing mood for your guests that says, “Have a seat, kick your feet up, enjoy a cup of warm tea and enjoy looking at a few things while you’re here.”  One consultant who sells clothing loves to do home-shows where tea is the highlight of the party. The hostess sets up a table with several glass tea pots and flowering teas so the guests can try different flavors (Primula’s Fairy Lily and Juliet’s Kiss are big favorites). That way, guests stay warm while changing in and out of the outfits. The representative then ties it all together by doing a presentation on how to best wear a “Tea-Length” skirt and shows some of their many offered designs. It’s a fun night for everyone, and no one worries about spilling red wine on the clothes!


Mother/Daughter Teas

Mother’s Day is a great time to host a tea party. It’s even better when you have several generations to share it with. Grandmothers, mothers, daughters and grandchildren can spend time reminiscing and sharing stories. Invite each guest to bring their favorite tea pot. If someone doesn’t have one, then supply them with one of Primula’s many designs and give it to them as a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Set up the table with pictures from the family photo album. Include different decorative tea cups from years past on lace doilies with pastries and cookies. If Grandmother will be there, find some music from the era of her youth and play it in the background to set the mood. Or better yet, if someone knows how to play the piano, violin or flute- have them perform a special in-house concert for the honoree in attendance. Use your finest china, doilies and silver to really create a special backdrop. And as you sip the tea, make sure the youngest members of the tea party hear the words of wisdom passed down from their grandmother. You’ll surely be creating a lasting memory that will survive much longer than any traditional Mother’s Day card ever could. Make sure to have a picture made with all of you in it. Hopefully it will become a tradition that you can pass down every year from one generation to the next.


Anniversaries, Engagements, Birthdays, Baptisms, Communions, and more

There are so many ways to turn everyday happenings into special events. Think outside the box and create ways to observe all of life’s little gifts. Whether you’re simply acknowledging your 7 year old getting straight A’s on their report card, or remembering someone’s 50th anniversary, every day should be celebrated with fervor. Life is already too short to waste it with worry, stress and deadlines. Try to find time to relax, unwind, and truly enjoy the hours each day brings. Primula is focused on delivering the best. Don’t you deserve that? Wouldn’t you love to engage in simpler times that don’t have you watching the clock and worrying about your next appointment?  You can! Too often, we look back on the seemingly mundane everyday occurrences and realize that as we rushed through them and missed a fantastic opportunity. We missed making a memory.


So whether it’s fishing with your brother, watching a child catch a high-flying baseball, or taking a personal run through a park - try to look for what’s special in each of those moments. You may even surprise yourself and find that you’re noticing more sunsets, smiling more often, and checking your text messages less frequently. Primula hopes so, anyway. Because it’s what we do best - turning your ordinary moments into extraordinary ones!