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Primula Teas

Primula  invites us to take a moment to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures. Today’s fast paced life has many demands and expectations for each of us. Always remember to take a moment for yoursel.


The age of fast food and even faster phones has created a society that demands instant gratification. This convenience often leaves us with nothing more than a sporadic diversion and not true lasting pleasure or relief.


Primula feels you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and attention to detail. Primula invites you to share everyday experiences like never before. Appreciate the visual delight of flowering teas.  Primula transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary. Life should be a source of harmony and tranquility.


Savor your own delicious cup of Primula tea. Green Tea with Jasmine, White Tea with Peach and many other flavors are available to provide you with a delicious healthy brew and visuall delight.  Primula’s Flowering Teas are handcrafted by skilled artisans who hand sew individual leaves with delicate flowers hidden in each sphere. The beauty unfolds as hot water seeps into the tea leaves letting the remarkable flower escape from within.


Loose teas combinations using the highest AA grade quality of White, Green, and Black tea leaves are sold in individual packets. Or try sipping the Perfect Blend Rose tea which has 100% natural rose buds. These beautiful buds are plucked while young and delicate to provide you with  a tasty tea of light floral notes and a lingering finish. This naturally caffeine-free herbal tea always makes for a lovely experience!


Primula understands. Dating back to 1946, the founder of this Family company began buying and selling houseware products from around the world. His son and grandson have continued the family business which is steeped in tradition. They’ve maintained a reputation of superb quality, exceptional value, and remarkable service. It was Primula’s attention to detail that led it to being the world’s largest purveyor of flowering teas. You can find many of their products and teas online, in Macy’s Department stores and in culinary specialty shops. With several decades of experience behind them, you can feel confident they know how to deliver the very best in tea. That’s why they’ve put such care into making sure that something extraordinary is... well, whatever you want it to be.


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