Best Seller Sale for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Check out our 2018 best seller sale to find gifts for everyone on your list- from the best cold brew maker for the cold brew lover, to finding the perfect water bottle for the gym goer. Our 2018 best sellers sale has ideas for tea lovers, cold brew fans, pour over aficionados, fitness enthusiasts and trendsetters. Get gifts for everyone on your list from Primula!

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Best Sellers Under $50

Must have products from Primula

Cold Brew Glass Carafe no background

Cold Brew Glass Carafe Brewing System

The Primula 50 oz Cold Brew Glass Carafe makes rich, delicious full bodied coffee concentrate that is 65% less acidic than hot brewed coffee.


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Red Melrose Coffee Press

Melrose Coffee Press

(Multiple Colors Available)

Finely crafted plunger with superfine stainless steel mesh filter provides superior brewing capabilities.
Makes 8 cups.


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red flavor it pitcher with no background

Flavor It 3-in-1 Infusion Pitcher

(Multiple Colors Available)

Brew it, flavor it, or chill it in the new Flavor It 3-in-1 Pitcher from Primula. Makes: Cold Brew, Iced Tea, Infused Water, and much more!


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Winslow 1.6 Qt. Brew & Serve Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Black

Winslow Brew & Serve Cold Brew Maker

Winslow 1.6 Qt. Brew & Serve Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Black. Includes: Carafe with Protective Holder, MyBev™ Brew Core, and MyBev™ Flavor Mixer.


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Perfect Gift Ideas

Cold Brew Bottle no background

Cold Brew Bottle – Coffee On The Go

This 20 oz. borosilicate glass Cold Brew Bottle has a stainless steel filter and black neoprene sleeve with a convenient carrying handle.  A removable double layer micro-filter is built into the base allowing for cold brewing of your favorite coffee, while on the go.


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Press & Go Teal empty

Press & Go Iced Tea Tumbler

Enjoy iced tea anytime, anywhere in 3 easy steps: BREW – Add loose-leaf tea or tea bag(s) and hot water to the outer vessel. PRESS – After steeping fill inner chamber with ice and press down into outer chamber. GO – Screw on leak-proof lid and use carry loop and go.


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Stash In Phone Storage Bottle - Black

Stash In Phone Storage Bottle

Looking for tech gifts? Every gym goer’s dream- a bottle that allows you to carry your water, phone, cards, ID and more all in one hand. You can fit 16 ounces in the water compartment and the bottle holds the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 and features a headphone routing compartment.


Seneca Pour Over Coffee Maker

Seneca Pour Over Coffee Maker – 1 Cup

Seneca Pour Over Coffee Maker. Brew 1 cup of robust, delicious coffee directly in your mug in 5 minutes. Universal holder will ft most mugs. Double Lined stainless steel filter. No paper filters required.



Check Out Our Brew guides for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

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Black Flavor it with tea and fruit infuser with chill core

3-in-1  Cold Brew Maker / Infusion Pitcher

Do you like cold brew? How about iced tea? Sangria? Make infused water, sangria, iced tea, or cold brew at home with this convenient 3 quart BPA Free pitcher. This 3-in-1 drink maker can be used to create countless new and stimulating taste sensations!

  • Stainless steel mesh brew core for cold brew coffee or tea.
  • Flavor infuser for infused healthy water.
  • Flavor mixer make mixing a breeze.
  • All cores are interchangeable.



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