Pour Over Coffee Makers

Primula has all the tools necessary to make the best cup of pour over coffee. From drippers to precision pour gooseneck kettles , Primula has the products to make a brew-tiful cup of pour over in your own kitchen.

So ditch the morning coffee run and make a gourmet cup of craft coffee using pour over gear from Primula.

More Information About Our Pour Over Coffee Makers

Primula’s pour over makers come in a variety of styles like ceramic, glass, one piece sets and complete sets. Some of our pour over makers require paper filters, while others don’t need any paper filters at all. A pour over coffee maker from Primula offers a quick, precise way to make coffee. When you go to a coffee shop, they make the coffee the same for everyone. When you use a Primula pour over coffee maker, you can easily find the perfect blend of water and grind for your taste preferences. Our pour over makers keep the grinds out of your coffee and help to push through flavors that you can’t get when brewing coffee different ways.