Infuser Pitchers

Water infuser pitchers are a great way to create unique, healthy flavored waters in the comfort of your own home. Whip up a cucumber mint spa water or prepare a lemon detox water with a Primula water infuser pitcher! Our infuser pitchers are free from any harmful chemicals, like BPA, and made with high quality materials, such as glass or stain-resistant and shatter-resistant Tritan™ plastic.

Our water infusers can also be used to infuse tea, coffee or your beverage of choice. Get creative, and make sure to check out our recipes page for some inspiration for your infusions!

More Information About Our Infuser Pitchers

Get a little creative with your infusion pitcher from Primula! Make up sangria by adding fruit to the Flavor Infuser Core and wine to the pitcher and let sit overnight so the flavors can be released. You could also make some cold brew coffee with the Brew Core and then infuse it with cinnamon in the Flavor Infuser. The possibilities are endless! Step away from the sugary drinks and create a healthy, delicious alternative with a Primula water infuser.

With the patented MyBev™ system, each drink pitcher has interchangeable cores. The unique system allows cores to be inserted and removed through the top. The more MyBev cores you have, the more you can do with your Primula drink pitcher. From brewing tea and cold brew coffee to infusing beverages with delicious fruits and herbs, the MyBev system for Primula drink dispensers can allow you to have functionality and versatility in the palm of your hand.