Flowering Tea

Flowering tea is part of Primula’s brand heritage, dating back to the beginnings of Primula in 1991. Over the years, Primula’s blooming tea balls have remained in our product line due to the popularity of the flowering tea experience. Each flowering tea ball has been exceptionally crafted by artisans in China to combine hand sewn AA grade green tea with all natural flowers. When hot water is added to the tea ball, a gentle, graceful flower emerges within your pot, releasing its delicate splendor, fragrance and flavor. Each flowering tea ball displays a beautiful bloom, best viewed in a glass teapot . Steep it again and again to make even more delicious tea - as each blooming tea ball can be used three times! Our flowering teas are a great conversation starter and produce a lovely tasting tea that will make your cup erupt with a delicate flavor profile.

Impress your guests or give your tea a little something extra with Primula flowering tea.