The Difference Between Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee

Cold brew coffee is one of the biggest coffee trends these days, with swaths of people lining up to drink the delicious brew. A lot of people are unsure of the difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee. We’re here to help sort out this whole iced coffee/cold brew situation.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee is just regular old hot brewed coffee that is cooled before adding ice to it. Iced coffee is more bitter than cold brew since it was brewed with hot water, and some even say the cooled down coffee weakens the taste.

Cold brew coffee

On the contrary, cold brew coffee is brewed without ever getting hot (hence ‘cold brew’). Grounds are mixed with room temperature or cold water and then strained after 12-24 hours of brewing. Many cold brew lovers brew on their countertops or in the refrigerator. The great thing about cold brew coffee is that it can be enjoyed hot or cold after brewing. Simply throw some ice in it for a cold brew iced coffee for those sweltering summer months, or throw it in the microwave for a hot cup of brew. Cold brew is brewed as a concentrate, and thus has 3 times the caffeine as traditional coffee.

Since cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water instead of hot water, cold brew has more than 50% less acid than hot brewed coffee.

Cold brew makers to make it a bit easier

One of the biggest complaints about cold brew is the time and effort it takes to make. We’ve addressed that by bringing some pretty fantastically nifty products to market to make cold brew coffee.

1. Cold Brew + Travel 20 oz. Glass Bottle with Sleeve

primula cold brew coffee bottleCold Brew Coffee – on the go. This Cold Brew Bottle is a 20 oz. borosilicate glass coffee bottle with a stainless steel filter and black neoprene sleeve with carrying handle.

It has a removable double layer micro-filter built into the base allowing for cold brewing of your favorite coffee, to go.

BPA Free and dishwasher safe.

2. Cold Brew + Go 22 oz. Tritan™ Bottle

Experience the great taste of cold brew coffee on-the-go with the Primula 22 Oz. Cold Brew & Travel bottle. Preparing cold brew coffee is easy- just add coffee grounds, pour cold water slowly over the coffee and then brew in the fridge for 24 hours. Cold brew will stay fresh up to 14 days in your fridge. To add coffee, just unscrew the bottom base, add your coffee to the stainless steel filter and re-attach the base. Bottle, lid and removable micro filter are top rack dishwasher safe. Try adding even more flavor by mixing in cinnamon, coconut or ginger with your coffee grounds before cold brewing, or add citrus zest, mint or lavender after brewing.

3. Primula Burke Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For those who drink a lot of coffee or have other people in the home enjoying cold brew, the Burke cold brew maker is the perfect solution. Brew a distinctively smooth and perfectly balanced cup of coffee at home. Brew your perfect cup by placing coffee grounds in the fine mesh brew filter and soaking the grounds in room-temperature or cold water for 24 hours. Simply remove the filter and pour into your glass or over ice. The pitcher, lid and brew filter are top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

4. Primula Cold Brew Glass Carafe Brewing System

This carafe makes cold brewed coffee that can last up to 14 days when stored in the fridge. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass and can withstand extreme temperatures without risk of cracking. The base has a silicone ring around the bottom for a secure grip to your table or side of the fridge door.  Includes 1 stainless steel brew filter, 1 flavor mixer. How to cold brew: 1. Add coffee than water to the filter core. 2. Place cold brew in the refrigerator for 18-24 hours. 3 Serve; add milk/ice to taste. BPA free & dishwasher safe.

Do you have any tips for cold brew? Any awesome recipes we need to try? Drop a comment to be featured on the Point of Brew!