How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day?

Ah, the age-old question about how much water you should drink per day. Everyone knows that drinking water and staying hydrated is an important part of living healthy, but exactly how much are you supposed to drink? We did a little bit of digging to find out the answer.

And the answer is….

It depends. We know, that’s not the pretty, packaged, straight-forward answer you wanted to hear, but it’s true! Depending on the weather and your exercise level, the amount of water you need to drink changes. In hotter weather, it’s important to drink more than you normally would so you can stay hydrated while getting dehydrated from the heat and the sun. Same goes if you’re working out and sweating a lot- you need to replace the water lost with more water, of course.

There’s also another factor that many people don’t think about when trying to figure out how much water they need: the food they intake. Different foods have different water contents. For example, watermelon, pineapple and cucumbers all have high water content, which contributes to your hydration. On the other end of the spectrum, salty foods can dehydrate you, causing you to need more water.

But, there are basic guidelines to follow:

According to a study found in Nutrition Reviews1, a daily water intake of 3.7L for adult men and 2.7L for adult women meets the needs of a majority of persons. Of course, everybody is different, and that needs to be taken into account when trying to figure out how much water you need.

How do I know if I need more water?

According to an article by Reader’s Digest2, common signs of dehydration include, but are not limited to: bad breath, bad mood, sugar cravings, your energy level (especially during working out) is much lower than usual, fatigue, decreased cognitive ability, dizziness when standing quickly and skin that doesn’t immediately fall back into place when pinched.

Final point of brew

Drinking water is not always a one-size-fits-all approach, but finding the right amount of water for your activity level and climate is important! Primula offers a great selection of water bottles and tumblers to keep you hydrated all day! Try out the Sentinel infusion bottle if you want healthy, flavored waters on the go, or try out a double wall vacuum sealed bottle to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. Whatever you choose to carry your water in, staying hydrated is an important factor in living a healthy life!

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