Ideal Mother’s Day Gifts

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the magic of a wonderful tea experience with an exquisitely designed clear glass teapot from Primula. Our travels inspire us to create items of beauty and function that enhance the lives of those who touch and use them, which makes them ideal to give as gifts.

A Clearly Winning Gift for Mom

You’ll create an unforgettable and extraordinary tea experience for Mom with these crystal-clear glass teapot designs available exclusively from Primula. Our borosilicate glass teapots are all BPA free and both microwave and dishwasher safe.

All of these clear glass teapots include a glass infuser that allows you to prepare either loose or bagged tea, and some even include Primula’s famous blooming tea flowers—each creates a totally unique blossom as it steeps, and the clear glass is the perfect window to watch nature’s beauty unfold.

Meet Lea, Layla, and Asha

Limited quantities are available in the following glass teapot styles, so if you see one you like, don’t wait:

The 22 oz. Lea is petite, ideal for Mom to curl up with a good book and her own personal spot of tea. Its comfortable handle and rounded spout make pouring easier and more precise.

The 36 oz. Layla includes two unique flowering tea blooms and has a wide-mouthed lid for easy filling and washing.

With its infuser in a contrasting shade of either amber or green, the generous 60 oz. Asha is our largest glass teapot, ideal for those intimate get-togethers with close friends—the proverbial tea party we’ve all heard tell about. Asha includes three unique flowering tea blooms.

The Perfect Pot of Tea

First, prepare your pot for your favorite tea blend by swishing a little hot water around inside your teapot. Add your loose tea to the strainer within, making sure not to use too much tea. A little will go a long way for flavorful tea. Slowly and deliberately pour piping hot (not boiling) water into the pot. Leave the lid off as the tea steeps; give it two or three minutes. While the tea steeps, fill your cup or mug with hot water to warm the cup, the same way you did with your pot. If you like milk, put it in now. Add lemon or sweetener if desired. (Never use milk and lemon together, of course.) If you prefer stronger tea, add a little more tea leaf next time and steep a bit longer. Enjoy.

Creative Alternative Uses

Mom doesn’t drink tea? These beautifully designed clear glass vessels are an amazing value and can be used for countless creative and decorative purposes. Use as a planter to grow herbs on the kitchen windowsill; fill with colored stones, glass beads or different shades of sand; use as a candy dish or even a goldfish bowl! Quantities are limited—when these unique clear teapot designs are gone, they will not be manufactured again.

Final Point of Brew:

Remember, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13, 2018. Whatever gift you choose for Mom, make it something she’ll use and enjoy all year long.

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Asha Teapot – Green With Three Flowering Teas

Asha Teapot - Green

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Lea Teapot Gift Set
With Two Flowering Teas

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