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The Traditionalist

tra·di·tion·al·ist (noun)
a person who believes that older ways of doing or thinking about things are better than newer ways : a person who follows a particular and established tradition.


At Primula, a traditionalist is the person who has held on to the time-tested and time-approved brewing techniques that have maintained their popularity due to the simplicity and delicious results. We can’t deny that manual brewing techniques are the best way to make some coffee, tea or infused beverages. From traditional stovetop espresso makers to the simplicity of a French press , we understand what it means to be a traditionalist in the best kind of way.

Traditional Products

Products that suit your love of traditional brewing methods

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The Classic Coffee Press
This coffee press is sophisticated and stylish, and made with high-quality durable borosilicate glass and stainless steel parts. This coffee press has a heat-resistant knob and plunger that securely fits atop the lid.

The handle is made of sturdy hard black plastic that gives you a firm, reliable grip that stays cool in your hand while pouring your hot coffee. The carefully designed fitted lid and angled spout allows for clean, even pours. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
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Drip-Free Pouring

1. Fitted lid and angled spout for clean, even pours

Feature 2

High Quality Glass

2. Temperature safe borosilicate glass beaker

Feature 3

Superior Filtration

3. Fine mesh stainless steel filter keeps grounds out of coffee

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