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Life of the Party

life • of • the • par•ty (idiomatic expression)

a person who participates in entertainment events in a very enthusiastic manner and who has a leading role in inspiring others to join in the spirit of festivity.


What would we all do without the Life of the Party? We can appreciate the person who loves being the host with the most. We’re serving up all the essentials for a fantastic party goer- from drink pitchers to thermal tumblers to cocktail recipes and water infuser recipes to try using your Primula products.

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Products that are perfect for any party- whether you’re the host or the attendee

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Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System
Brew it, flavor it, or chill it in the Flavor It Pitcher from Primula.

Whether you're brewing hot or cold coffee or tea, infusing fresh fruit flavors into water, infusing mint or lavender into lemonade, or chilling mojitos for entertaining - the Flavor It is an eco-friendly alternative to infused bottled beverages.

The perfect pitcher, along with trend-forward accessories, makes beverage preparation easy. The pitcher, tea infuser, flavor infuser, lid, and top are dishwasher safe.
Feature 1

Easy-Grip Handle

1. Ergonomic handle with silicone inset for easy grip and perfect pour spout for easy pouring

Feature 2

Versatile Pitcher

2. The Flavor It Pitcher features a 3-in-1 system to brew, infuse and chill your favorite beverages. All MyBev™ products can use and share interchangeable cores. Cores can be inserted and removed through the top without having to remove top. Owning multiple MyBev™ cores expands your system.

Feature 3

BPA-Free Plastic

3. 2.9 Qt. capacity shatterproof, crystal clear, BPA-free Tritan pitcher

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