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Whether your coffee preference is rich and bold or light and mellow, the Park Pour Over Coffee Set lets you prepare your coffee your own special way. This 36 oz. pour over coffee maker allows you enjoy a pot of coffee brewed to your own exacting standards. With the Park pour over coffee pot, you can experiment and find the perfect ratio of water to grind and temperature of water to achieve your perfect brew and blend. The pour over method of custom coffee brewing lets you control the exact strength of your beverage. Simply pour piping hot water onto your ground coffee, allowing the coffee grind to “bloom”, releasing the coffee’s flavor solids. The Park Pour Over set includes the 36 oz. borosilicate glass carafe with wood grain finish handle and the reusable plastic and stainless steel fine mesh filter.


Item Number
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 9 in


•Prepare up to 36 ounces of coffee just the way you like it
•Brew and serve directly from temperature safe borosilicate glass carafe with non-slip base
•Reusable plastic filter with superfine stainless steel mesh sits seamlessly on top of carafe
•Comfortable grip, stay-cool handle
•Brew coffee to desired strength by the speed at which hot water is poured over
•Sleek mixed material design with wood grain finish handle and polished stainless steel accent
•BPA free


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