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If you crave the taste of pour-over coffee but don’t want to make a whole pot, make the single-serve Seneca your trusty coffee companion. With Seneca, you can make that single perfect cup of coffee—directly in your favorite cup—in minutes. The temperature-safe borosilicate glass cone with stainless steel filter sits atop the cup, awaiting your freshly ground coffee beans. Gently pour hot water in a circular motion starting at the center and moving in and out. Customize flavor and strength with the speed at which you pour your hot water—quickly for lighter coffee or slowly for a darker brew. The Seneca Pour Over coffee dripper has a double-lined stainless steel filter and is BPA free.


Item Number
Weight 0.92 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5.16 × 4.65 in


•Brew 1 cup of robust, delicious coffee directly into your mug in 5 minutes or less
•Cone made of temperature safe borosilicate glass
•Double lined stainless steel filter
•Peek-a-boo cut away base for easy viewing of your cup
•Universal holder with stay-cool handle fits most mugs
•No paper filters required
•Brew coffee to desired strength by the speed at which hot water is poured over
•BPA free
•Dishwasher safe


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