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This French press coffee maker sports a modern design, with its narrow cylindrical glass jug, equipped with a lid, stainless plunger and wire mesh filter, which fits tightly in the cylinder glass beaker. Coffee is brewed by placing the coffee and water together, leaving to brew for a few minutes, and then depressing the plunger to trap the coffee grinds at the bottom of the glass jug. A French press requires coffee of a coarser grind than that used for a drip brew coffee filter, such as produced by a burr mill grinder rather than the whirling blade variety, as a finer grind will seep through the press filter and into the coffee. Because the coffee grounds remain in direct contact with the brewing water and the grinds are filtered from the water via a mesh instead of a paper filter, coffee brewed with the French press captures more of the coffee’s flavor and essential oils, which would become trapped in a traditional drip brew machine’s paper filters. French pressed coffee is usually stronger and thicker and has more sediment than drip-brewed coffee. Ships in UPS safe packaging.


Item Number
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.01 × 4.01 × 7.63 in



•6 cup capacity
•Temperature safe borosilicate glass
•Finely crafted plunger with superfine stainless steel mesh filter provides superior brewing capabilities
•Designed to make sure coffee grounds remain in the beaker and out of your cup
•Plastic handle provides a firm, reliable grip and stays cool in your hand
•Fitted lid and angled spout allow for clean, even pours
•Elegant, heat-resistant plastic frame and lid
•BPA free
•Dishwasher safe


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