MyBev™, my way…the innovative Winslow 1.6 quart glass carafe lets you create your own craft beverages at home for a fraction of the cost with Primula’s proprietary interchangeable brewing and flavor cores.  Cold brew coffee is the latest craze for java lovers because it’s smooth, rich and robust, and 65% less acidic than hot brewed or traditional iced coffee. With the Winslow, cold brewing and flavoring your coffee is easy and fun.  The brew core lets you cold brew your favorite coffee blend right in the refrigerator. Then use the flavor mixer core to pump and mix your favorite flavorings, sweeteners and lighteners. The shatter-resistant glass carafe has a protective holder and a perfect pour spout and can be used with or without the beverage cores.  Includes: Carafe with Protective Holder, MyBev™ Brew Core, and MyBev™ Flavor Mixer.