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Flavor Infusion Core is part of our MyBev Interchangeable Core System. Want to add an extra splash of flavor to your beverage? Use the Flavor Infuser to create countless new and stimulating taste sensations. Just place your favorite fruits, herbs, or spices inside the infuser and place it in the pitcher to turn something as simple as black tea into a peach or berry flavored delicacy. Lend intriguing flavor notes to water, tea, punch and more. Creating a multitude of flavor options has never been easier! 1. Dishwasher Safe


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Weight 0.17 lbs
Dimensions 3.15 × 3.15 × 9.65 in


•For use with Primula® MyBev™ products and systems to hold your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices
•Securely locks into all MyBev™ tops
•Ideal openings to ensure beverages are only infused with optimal flavor
•Shatter resistant Flavor Infuser is oversized for easier filling and cleaning
•Made from food safe plastics that are odor, taste, and stain resistant
•BPA free
•Top rack dishwasher safe


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