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In Japanese culture, a dragonfly symbolizes new beginnings and good fortune. So why not begin your day with a hot brewed cup of tea made in Primula’s Dragonfly Cast Iron Teapot? Uniquely crafted, this exquisite teapot is a gorgeous green color accented with black ribbed lines and a black fold-down looped handle. The dragonfly adorns the side adding a distinctive allure to your pot. Cast iron teapots are designed to deliver exceptional brewed tea every time. They distribute heat more evenly, thereby extracting more of the tea leaves’ flavor during the brewing process. The cast iron design also traps the heat inside, keeping your tea hot for up to an hour. Primula’s Dragonfly Teapot has a removable lid and a short curved spout and comes with a loose tea mesh infuser that sits securely in the pot. The interior of this teapot is fully enameled which makes for easy care and cleaning. Our Dragonfly Cast Iron Teapot holds 26 oz.


Item Number
Weight 3.93 lbs
Dimensions 8.27 × 7.09 × 3.15 in



•26 oz. capacity
•Durable cast iron distributes heat more evenly, enhancing flavor extraction in the brewing process for exceptional tasting tea
•Cast iron traps in heat to keep tea hot longer
•Features a tall, looped fold-down handle, removable lid, and a short curved spout
•Includes stainless steel loose tea infuser that sits securely in the pot while the leaves are brewed
•Fully enameled interior provides easy care and cleaning
•Traditional design is as exquisite as it is durable, adorned with the Japanese symbol of new beginnings and good fortune, the dragonfly


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