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March 13th, 2018 / Infusion & HydrationSpotlight

St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal here in the U.S.A., whether you’re of Irish descent or not. Restaurants and bars across the nation serve green foods and green beer. In Chicago, they even turn the city’s river green.

Wear your green proudly this year by carrying and using Primula products in various tones of the famous shamrock shade—and enjoy 17% off your purchase off these green beverage essentials for a limited time.

A Landslide of Green

The Avalanche Thermal Tumbler keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for hours, thanks to the double-wall, vacuum-sealed stainless steel design. The twist texture of the tumbler is not only stylish—it also makes it easy to grip! Available in teal green.

Our Product Pick: 

Avalanche Thermal Tumbler Teal


Serving Green with a Twist

With a removable infuser that allows you to steep your favorite type of tea on the go, the Tea with a Twist features a twisting design with stainless steel, vacuum sealed construction and a leak-proof lid that offers 360 degrees of drinkability—ideal for sipping en route! In green.

Our Product Pick: 

Avalanche Thermal Tumbler Teal


Healthy Green Hydration

Power up your hydration routine by adding the nutrients and flavors of fruits or veggies—maybe even green apples and kale— to your water with the Sentinel Infusion Water Bottle, available in a beautiful blue-green.

Our Product Pick: 

Infusion Bottle


Green on the Go

The Press & Go tea maker lets you steep and chill your favorite blend of perfectly delicious iced tea in three easy steps. Enjoy fresh tea anywhere, anytime, in a convenient travel-size 16 oz profile. Available in teal or green.

Our Product Pick: 

Avalanche Thermal Tumbler Teal


Hot or Cold in Green

The 17 oz Discovery thermal bottle features double-wall vacuum sealed construction to keep beverages hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 24! The wide-mouthed lid makes pouring easy. Available in that oh-so-chic shade of green known as chartreuse.

Our Product Pick: 

Discovery 17oz


Pure Green Flavor

You don’t have to just eat your greens anymore—you can drink them too. Infuse the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables into pure water with the Flavor Pure Pitcher. Crafted in sturdy borosilicate glass, the Flavor Pure sports a removable infuser that’s compatible with our popular MyBev system. In teal or green.

Our Product Pick: 

Flavor Pure


Green 3 Ways

With its three included MyBev inserts, the versatile Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System lets you brew coffee or tea; infuse water with fruits, veggies or herbs; or chill your favorite drinks and cocktails. In green.

Our Product Pick: 

Avalanche Thermal Tumbler Teal


The Great Big Green Pitcher

The gallon-capacity Big Iced Tea Pitcher lets you brew and serve your favorite tea blend with its included removable brew core. Remove the core and serve up gallons of that green beer or margaritas! In green.

Our Product Pick: 

Green Iced Tea Pitcher


Green Tea Time

Brew up some green tea in this green teapot on St. Patrick’s Day. The exquisitely designed Dragonfly Teapot is sturdily constructed of cast iron, which keeps your tea piping hot for up to an hour. And the dragonfly is good luck too! In green.

Our Product Pick: 

Green Cast Iron Tea Pot


My Green Buddy

Solve an everyday tea drinker’s hassle with this clever invention. The silicone Tea Bag Buddy secures your tea bag string while covering the mouth of a tea pot or mug, trapping steam to keep your tea hot when brewing. Available with or without a glass mug. In green.
Our Product Pick: 

Green Tea Bag Buddy


A Little Green Tea Magic

Experience the beauty of Flowering Green Teas with this unique gift set you won’t find anywhere else. A hand-blown, 40 oz clear borosilicate glass teapot is included. When hot water is added to the tea ball, a gentle, graceful tea flower emerges within the pot.

Our Product Pick: 

Hand Blown Glass Tea Pot


We raise our glasses, mugs, tumblers, pitchers and bottles to you all, wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s Day! Cheers!

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