Increasing Water Intake To Help Lose Weight

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New Year’s resolution time is here. We’ve all indulged more than we should have over the holiday season, and now it’s time for a little discipline so you can shed those extra pounds. The first thing you can do is one of the easiest—drink more water. Scientific studies suggest that increasing water intake can help you lose weight, and that’s a pretty simple way to help reach your goal.


Do you drink enough water? Chances are, you probably don’t. It makes up about 60% of our bodies. Every cell in your body needs water to function properly. Just keeping hydrated can make you healthier by kick starting your energy level and metabolism. Drinking plenty of water reduces bloating and water weight almost immediately, too, and that’s a very good start!

Refresh yourself, revitalize your metabolism and reduce your body weight in 2018 by increasing your water intake. Scientific studies have indicated that drinking more water can really help you drop unwanted pounds when undertaken in combination with a sensible diet and physical exercise.

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Suppress that Appetite

Drinking water actually acts as an appetite suppressant, according to at least two separate studies. The study conducted by the University of Washington found that drinking one 8 ounce glass of water eliminated cravings for midnight snacks in 98 percent of the subjects, thus decreasing their overall caloric intake. Another study in the The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that its subjects who drank an extra 8 ounces of water a day ate 68 fewer calories; those who drank 24 extra ounces consumed 205 fewer calories, leading to an average weight loss of 1/2 pound per week! (Hey, this could really work!)

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Take fresh, infused water on the go and make drinking water a little less boring! Make up a lemon infused water for an easy detox, or make a refreshing cucumber mint infused water for a refreshing drink after a long walk.

Exercise + Water Equals Success

For your New Year’s resolution, you’ll probably be adding exercise to your routine. When exercising, staying hydrated is even more important, and you’ll need a dependable water bottle with you during your trips to the gym or brisk walks around the neighborhood.

How much water? The consensus suggests that 64 ounces per day should be plenty for most people—daily exercisers probably need a bit more. (Don’t overdo it, though—consuming too much water can be as unhealthy as not drinking enough.)

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Juice it Up—Infuse it!

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, or you get bored and crave more flavor, pump up the flavor volume by infusing your water with tasty, high nutrient fruits like strawberry, orange, mint, peach, melon—the possibilities are limitless. Get yourself a good infusion pitcher  that’s easy to use. Just add your sliced fruit to the infuser core and submerge in the water-filled pitcher. Let infuse overnight. (The Flavor-It 3-in-1 Pitcher even lets you replace the infuser with a chill core that makes your infusion cold fast.)

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Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System

Get creative with your water and make delicious, infused water with fruits and herbs for a natural, crisp flavor. The Flavor It comes with 3 MyBev cores, so you can brew tea, infuse water or chill prepared beverages in the pitcher with an easy change of the core.

Final Point of Brew

While we all have our goals that we love to achieve, don’t put too much pressure on yourself for weight loss results. As long as you’re feeling great and living a healthy lifestyle, the weight loss is just an added bonus.

Here’s to a happy, hydrated and healthy 2018—let’s all drink to that!

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