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  • Do you need gift ideas? Would you like to find that one special present that you’ll look forward to giving as much as the recipient will want to open?

    The fine folks at Primula are here to help you accomplish your goal. Everyone loves to receive a present that makes them feel special- like you really took the time to make the perfect choice, created especially for them. But many times it is still hard to know exactly what to give. So the good news is we’ve taken the guesswork out of your hands. Primula has created such a variety of gift sets that you’re destined to find the perfect choice- no matter what your budget is. Primula- they transform ordinary moments into extraordinary. Shouldn’t your gifts do the same?

    Holidays and Special Days:

    Birthdays - Surprise the Tea-Drinker in your life with a Primula Flowering Tea Gift Set. The beautiful Glass Tea pot is accompanied by a gift canister of flowering teas. Each canister contains 12 different green tea flowers with jasmine flavor. This is a gift they’ll be able to enjoy throughout the year as each canister makes over 250 cups of tea! In addition to the beautiful Tea Pot, they’ll be able to watch flowers bloom before their very eyes as they sip their delicious tea and think of you!

    Mother’s Day - Don’t just give your mom the same old bouquet of flowers this year- give her something she’ll be able to see, smell and enjoy everyday. Primula’s Black Tea Pot with 3 tea flowers make the perfect gift for a tea-loving mom. This stylishly designed Tea pot has a mesh infuser and is great for brewing loose teas or fruit teas. And because of it’s glass view, beautiful floral teas can be be viewed blooming before your eyes. The aroma and taste is something she’ll surely appreciate long after those cut roses have shriveled and died. Combine this Tea Pot with a 12 pc Variety pack of flowering teas, and she’ll be thinking of you every time a flower blooms!

    Father’s Day - Let’s face it, another tie is not what he needs. But I bet he wouldn’t turn down a hot steaming cup of coffee made fresh every morning. Get the Dad in your life a Double Wall Glass Coffee Press. The Double wall borosilicate glass retains heat and freshness longer and the stainless steel parts will appeal to his masculine sense of fine art with a function. As he presses the plunger down to press the robust oils and flavor from the coffee beans, he’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. And as he pours himself a delicious flavorful cup of coffee with a frothy crema on top, he’ll be delighted to know you finally got him something he can use. Top it off with a mug that reads #1 Dad, and you may even see tears in his eyes.

    Bridal Shower - Give the bride a gift that’s not only beautiful, but can be used in her home for entertaining for decades to come. She’ll appreciate the present even more as she serves delicious drinks on special occasions like anniversaries, baby showers and holiday gatherings from this gorgeous 2.5 liter Beverage Dispenser. Don’t be surprised if she unwraps it and immediately tells you she’ll use it at the Wedding reception. Yes, it is that stunning!

    Teacher Appreciation - Give the teacher in your life the gift of peace and serenity. I’m sure any instructor would greatly appreciate a Flowering Green Tea Variety pack over an apple. And the benefits of drinking green tea will provide them with a healthy dose of antioxidants in every delicious cup. Combine it with a Hand-blown Glass Tea Maker that is ideal for individual use and they can carry their 12 oz personal mug with them to their classrooms. This Gift set will surely score you an A+ for Best Present!

    Secretaries Day - This 16 oz. Double wall Mug with a Tea Bag Buddy is the perfect way to keep your secretary from running back and forth to the break room when you’d rather have her at her desk. And because you’re such a great boss, you’ve figured out the perfect gift to let her savor her favorite cup of warm steaming tea while on the clock! The Tea Buddy’s innovative design provides a convenient way to secure the tea bag string while covering the mouth of the mug trapping the steam to keep the tea hotter while brewing. You’ll look like a hero, and she’ll accomplish more work. That’s a win-win!

    St. Patrick’s Day - A perfect gift for the Irishman in your life is the Primula Coffee Press. This Coffee Press delivers a more flavorful and robust taste than traditional brewing. Combine this gift with a bottle of their favorite Irish Whiskey and they’ll be blending the perfect cup of Irish Coffee in no time!

    Valentine’s Day - Since this is a day set aside for romance, why not create a special gift that appeals to all her senses? Primula’s Glass Teapot Gift set is ideal for creating the perfect setting. The 40 oz. Borosilicate Glass Tea pot is as beautiful as it is functional. Fill the pot with a Flowering tea infused with fresh jasmine. It’s one of 12 included in the gift canister. The room will be infused with a fragrant aroma and the flower will incredibly unfold before her eyes. The delicious liquid will call her name to be savored and as you pour the warm heart-healthy brew into one of the 4 oz tea makers, you can whisper words of endearment. And she can begin to appreciate the finer things in life- like you!
    Do you have a favorite Yoga instructor? Put her together a package of Jasmine tea along with a Primula Green Mist Dragon Fly Design Teapot made of Solid Cast Iron.

    Remember, You can’t go wrong giving the gift of Tea or Coffee.

    There are many ways to create a gift set that is special. Simple accessories like a New Book, candles, soaps and lotions coupled with loose flowering teas can create a Spa-like atmosphere that whispers tranquility and relaxation.
    Put a Travel mug with 1 lb. of your favorite coffee beans in a bag for your favorite Bus Driver, Courier, or Newspaper Deliverer.
    Do you know someone who loves to entertain? I bet they’d love a 2 Liter Primula Carafe that removes the guesswork out of whether they’re serving a beverage at the right temperature or not. It keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours and has a thermometer to read the vapor of the beverage inside the carafe. They no longer have to wonder, because they’ll pour a perfect cup every time.

    The ideas are endless. We here at Primula want to help you create that special gift every time so feel free to contact us for more suggestions.

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    Primula transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary. It is how Primula feels about each and every one of the products put out into the market. Primula sells items that people love to use by understanding first and foremost what people want and how using these products makes them feel. After understanding this Primula then designs the products to fill that need and enhance the emotional connection.

    Primula does it differently. And it must be working, as this family-owned business has been designing and creating quality houseware products since its beginnings in 1946. Primula works from sketching to design to production, based on what the consumer tells them they want. All of Primula's production is monitored by their own staff making sure the materials used in the production are safe and as specified. That is one of the reasons Primula’s reputation is unrivaled in creating quality products with strong consumer loyalty. Happy users are the key to Primula’s success, and hundreds of testimonials can confirm this buyer’s remark- “Once a Primula customer, always a Primula customer.”

    Discover for yourself how Primula transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary.