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      Place ground coffee beans in the brew filter. For best results, use fresh roasted, coarsely ground coffee. The carafe is designed to hold 40 oz. water and 16 tbsp. of coffee with the brew filter in place.
      Insert brew filter inside carafe and slowly pour 2 cups of water over coffee to dampen. Once coffee is damp, slowly fill the remainder of the carafe with water to cover grounds or up to the top of the windows in the brew filter. Be careful not to overfill carafe with water. Once carafe is full, stir grounds until fully saturated with water.
      Tighten lid and place in refrigerator to cold brew for 24 hours. For ultimate flavor extraction, stir grounds during brewing process.
      Remove brew filter from carafe. Easily screw off bottom to release used coffee grounds. Always remember to remove filter before pouring coffee.


      TO SERVE

      To enjoy the best cold brew coffee, creamer (or cream substitute), sugar and ice can be added to taste. Cold brew coffee stays fresh in the fridge up to 14 days.


      Cold Brew Method Cold Brew Method is extracting sweet flavored, low acidic coffee through brewing in cool water over a period of 24 hours. Cold brew coffee is on average 65% less acidic than traditional hot brew coffee. Cold brew coffee is naturally sweeter than hot brew coffee.

      Tip 1 If grounds escape from the mesh brew filter due to accidental overflow, the brew filter can be used to filter the coffee. After brewing is complete, pour coffee into a clean brew filter to pass through the filter a second time; this will remove any excess grounds. Easily double filter directly into a cup or transfer the entire batch into another clean pitcher to enjoy later.

      Tip 2 Cold brew coffee may be served iced or hot. Pour over ice and add milk or soy to taste. Or just warm for a few seconds in the microwave (in a microwave safe container) and enjoy hot, robust flavor with low acidity.



      - Additions before brewing (optional): Experiment by mixing the grounds with cardamom, chicory, nutmeg, ginger, coconut or cinnamon before brewing. - Additions after brewing (optional): Remove brew filter and clean, replace brew filter and add one or more of the following for additional flavoring (these additional flavorings should only be left in for 1–2 days)— vanilla extract, citrus zests (orange, lemon or lime), basil, mint, lavender. - For a light refreshing treat add soda or tonic water and some muddled cherries.