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      7 Coffee Maker Brewing Gadgets to Use While Camping

      7 Coffee Maker Brewing Gadgets to Use While Camping

      Being outdoors in the summer is one of the simple pleasures in life. For some, there is no better way to relax than realigning with nature for a weekend (or week-long) camping trip.

      Just because there’s no electricity doesn’t mean you can’t have good coffee while on your camping adventures. Here are 7 products that will help you do the brew in a primitive environment. 


      1. Coffee Brew Buddy

      The Coffee Brew Buddy is perfect for single cup servings, is easy to clean and is perfect for the pour over coffee addict.

      It’s compact, making it easy to bring along for backpackers, and it doesn’t require any additional filters, which means less waste.

      Simply heat your water over the campfire, load the Coffee Brew Buddy up with your favorite ground beans, and pour over into a cup.


      2. Tempo Coffee Press


      The Tempo Coffee Press is the perfect solution if you have a few people in the camping crew that can appreciate a good cup of coffee.

      The plastic cage in this coffee press is perfect for protecting the borosilicate glass while preparing, and the 6 cup capacity can serve more than one cup.

      It’s also easy to clean, just rinse it out and you’re good to go for the next brew.

      Add a tablespoon of coarse ground coffee for every 4 ounce cup, add some hot water, stir it up, wait 4 minutes for brewing, press the plunger down and then voila! Fresh brew in the woods.


      3. Aluminum Espresso Maker


      After a long night of roasting marshmallows and campfire stories, you may need an extra kick of caffeine in the morning. Enter the Aluminum Espresso Maker.

      Espresso makers pack a punch- small in size, but big on caffeine content. It’s compact and durable, making it easy to pack without taking up a lot of room. It also cuts down on tools needed, since the water and coffee go in this nifty little machine and are all brewed using this one item.

      Simply unscrew the top, remove the filter funnel, fill the bottom half of the espresso maker with water, fill the filter funnel with your choice of coffee, screw the espresso maker back together, and heat the espresso maker on a propane stove until coffee bubbles on top.

      Our espresso makers are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that will suit your needs!



      4. Cold Brew 20 Oz. Bottle + Sleeve

      As much as we love camping, sometimes it can be too hot to enjoy a hot cup of brew in the sweltering summer months. Luckily, there’s cold brew for that.

      The Cold Brew + Travel Bottle is the perfect solution for coffee on-the-go and this bottle makes it easy to brew and enjoy all from one sleek container. The neoprene sleeve keeps your cold brew cold, while also protecting the glass from getting damaged.

      Simply unscrew the bottom, put your choice of coffee ¾ of the way full in the stainless steel filter, screw the bottom back on, flip it over, and fill the bottle with cool water. Let the coffee brew for 12-24 hours (so make it the night before) and remove the filter before enjoying. Add creamer (or cream substitute), sugar and ice to taste and enjoy the best iced coffee!

      5. Cold Brew + Go 22 oz. Tritan™ Bottle

      Similar to the glass Cold Brew + Travel bottle, this cold brew bottle makes enjoying cold brew on-the-go a breeze.

      The flip top lid makes it easy to drink from, even while enjoying a morning hike, and the carry loop is perfect for attaching to your backpack. The double locking lid and durable Tritan plastic make it easy to pack and use without getting damaged.

      Simply unscrew the bottom, fill the stainless steel filter ¾ of the way full, return the bottle to its upright position, and fill the bottle with cool water. Let the coffee brew for 12-24 hours, and remove the filter before enjoying.


      6. 9 Cup Aluminum Percolator

      Primula’s 9 cup Percolator delivers piping hot percolated coffee from your campfire. In fact, one benefit of a percolator is the ability to brew coffee from practically any heat source as long as you have a flat surface to place your pot on. This is one reason why many campers and travelers prefer percolators over electric coffee makers or breakable glass presses and pots.

      A coffee percolator works by taking the heated liquid from your coffee grounds and reheating it and running it over the grounds repeatedly. The effect of a percolator repeatedly passing coffee over the grounds delivers a significantly different flavor and strength than traditional French presses or automatic drip makers. Many say it produces smoother tasting coffee. Percolators emit a robust aroma and a distinct gurgling sound while brewing. It is extremely convenient when making coffee you want to stay piping hot for large gatherings. Primula’s percolator is made of durable aluminum and features a matching lid, lipped spout and stay-cool black plastic handle. It holds 36 oz, enough for 9 cups of coffee.



       7. FlavorUp Pitcher Infusion and Cold Brew System

      Have a group of coffee lovers joining you on your camping trip? This may be the solution for you.

      The FlavorUp pitcher is made of durable Tritan plastic, allowing you to use it in an outdoor setting without worrying about breaking.

      The FlavorUp pitcher can brew 2.7 quarts of cold brew deliciousness using the Brew Core, featuring a superfine stainless steel mesh to keep loose tea (yes, we said tea) or coffee grounds inside.

      An added bonus to the FlavorUp is that it also comes with a Flavor Infuser Core, so when you’re not brewing coffee, you can make infused water or tea by adding fresh fruit or herbs to the infuser. We recommend letting the FlavorUp brew for 24 hours if you’re making coffee, based on the amount of cold brew it’s making.



      Final Point of Brew

      So when you’re packing up for a backpacking trip or a primitive weekend with your pals, make sure to bring along one of these camping coffee gadgets to give you a morning kicker after a long night of roasting marshmallows and you’ll be one happy camper.

      15 Coffee Memes That Are Super Relatable

      15 Coffee Memes That Are Super Relatable

      1. Don’t we all.

      Polar Bear Coffee Meme

      2. Safety First

      Grumpy Cat Coffee Memes

      3. Do not get in my way.

      Coffee Is Ready Meme

      4. Preach

      Cat Coffee Memes

      5. Oh, Diane.

      Coffee Break Memes

      6. There is no better feeling in the world.

      Seal Of Approval Coffee Meme

      7. Seriously though – where can we get that cup?

      Only One Cup Of Coffee Meme


      Unicorn Coffee Memes

      9. You know it is going to hurt – but it is so worth it.

      Bird On A Beach Coffee Meme

      10. “Productivity Break”

      Dory Finding Nemo Coffee Meme

      11. Your favorite before and after.

      Before Coffee After Coffee Meme

      12. Well, did you?

      Star Trek Voyager Coffee Meme

      13. If only.

      Tanker Truck Coffee Meme

      14. Actual footage of me at 4 on a work day.

      Need Coffee Now Squirrel Meme

      15. No person should have to deal with decaf.

      Death Before Decaff Coffee Memes

      Kettle Cleaning Hack - What's the Best Way to Clean a Kettle?

      Kettle Cleaning Hacks Primula

      We get it. You use your trusty tea kettle every single day and over time, it may get a little funky. Cleaning isn’t fun, and we know you’d rather spend your time doing fun things, like not cleaning. Luckily, this cleaning hack will make cleaning your kettle a breeze and will get you back to sipping your favorite hot beverages in a kettle that is as clean as a whistle.

      Thanks to our pals over at kidspot.com, we’ve found the perfect concoction for a spotless kettle:

      What you need:

      1. White vinegar
      2. Water


      1. Pour one large glass of white vinegar in your kettle, and fill it up with water.
      2. Let it soak for at least an hour (leave it overnight if you can).
      3. Boil the kettle, empty it and rinse it thoroughly.

      And ladies and gentlemen, that’s it. That’s all it takes to get your kettle looking just like the day you bought it.

      Final Point of Brew

      No need to spend time scrubbing and scraping your beloved tea kettle just to get it clean. With this simple, quick way to clean your kettle, we hope we’ve helped you cut down on time and made your tea time (or coffee time) a little bit more relaxing.

      Tea Kettle Hacks: Food You Can Make with a Tea Kettle

      Tea Kettle Hacks: Food You Can Make with a Tea Kettle

      Tea Kettle Hacks: Food You Can Make with a Tea Kettle

      One of the simplest things in your kitchen can be used to make simple recipes, and we bet you wouldn’t have thought to use your trust tea kettle to make them! Here’s a list of 5 things you can make using only a tea kettle!

      1.    Hard boiled eggs

      Easily make hard boiled eggs with your whistling tea kettle for a quick morning breakfast that is healthy and delicious! Place eggs to one side of your kettle and fill with water so the water covers the eggs. Place the kettle on your burner so the eggs don’t directly touch the heating element (move part of the kettle off the burner) and let it boil for 13 minutes. When time’s up, pour out the water and prepare your hardboiled eggs as you would normally. Enjoy!

      2.    Oatmeal

      Whip up some oatmeal in a jiffy with your whistling tea kettle! Place your kettle on the burner with water and let the whistle alert you when it’s time to pour the hot water over you instant oatmeal. Voila.

      3.    Ramen

      A college kid’s favorite, sometimes we just want a simple bowl of ramen noodles for a quick bite to eat. Simply boil the recommended amount of water in your kettle until the whistle sounds, pour the hot water into a bowl over the dry ramen noodles, let the noodles sit in the hot water for about 3 minutes, stir in your flavoring packet and enjoy! You could also cook the noodles right inside the kettle, but we think pouring it over the noodles is a bit easier!

      4.    Heat up soup

      Have a can of soup or leftover soup that you want to heat up? Pour your soup into your tea kettle and heat on medium heat until heated through. Don’t let the soup boil, though, it can burn your soup on the bottom of your kettle. If your soup allows you to, you can easily pour it out of the spout for easy, mess free and safe serving of your bowl of goodness.

      5.    Rice

      Make rice exactly as you would in a pot, but use your kettle instead. It’s the perfect idea for camping or dorm rooms- you can have one tool to make your morning coffee, afternoon tea and rice for your dinner!

      Final Point Of Brew

      Your tea kettle doesn’t only need to be used to make the usual coffee or tea- you can do so much more than that! From instant, just-add-boiled-water-foods to heating and serving soup, the tea kettle serves as a versatile kitchen tool. Great for dorms or camping where cooking space is limited, the tea kettle can make some simple recipes in a snap! Primula’s assortment of tea kettles are not only a versatile, but a sleek, stylish addition to any kitchen. See for yourself!

      Cool Tea Kettles to Spruce Up your Kitchen

      Cool Tea Kettles to Spruce Up your Kitchen

      Cool Tea Kettles to Spruce Up your Kitchen

      One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your kitchen is by adding cool, colorful household items that you can have out on display. We have an assortment of sleek, modern tea kettles that can give your kitchen an edge for a minimal amount of money. From the bright colors to the cool, modern finishes, we’ve got something for every kitchen, far and wide.

      Avalon Whistling Kettle with 5 Color Options

      Catalina Whistling Kettles in Stainless Steel

      The Catalina kettle is a beautiful addition Primula whistling kettle line-up, extending our line of sleek, modern tea kettles. Gone are the days when the tea kettle doesn’t look appealing enough to leave it out on your stovetop- the Catalina kettle offers up shiny elegance while providing you with hot water whenever you need it. The polished stainless steel finish is perfect for a variety of color palettes.

      Soft Grip Tea Kettle in Stainless Steel

      Primula Soft Grip Tea Kettle

      The Soft Grip tea kettle is available in stainless steel finish so you can add a beautiful tea kettle to your stovetop. The silicone black handle matching the wide-mouth lid that is perfect for easy cleaning and filling. The trigger on the handle opens the spout for safe, easy pouring.

      Cascade Whistling Kettle in Stainless Steel

      Cascade Whistling Kettle

      Another new addition to the Primula whistling tea kettle line-up, the Cascade offers a unique design that looks great in any kitchen. The handle has a trigger for the flip-up spout so you can safely and easily pour out your hot water with ease.

      Final Point Of Brew

      You don’t need to spend a fortune remodeling a kitchen to upgrade your style. Sometimes, just adding a simple touch of color or a cool accessory or two can turn your kitchen from drab to fab. Our line-up of cool tea kettles is perfect for just that!