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      Best Tea Kettles to Spruce Up your Kitchen

      Best Tea Kettles to Spruce Up your Kitchen

      2 minute read

      One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your kitchen is by adding cool, colorful household items that you can have out on display. We have an assortment of sleek, modern, and best tea kettles that can give your kitchen an edge for a minimal amount of money. From the bright colors to the cool, modern finishes, we’ve got something for every kitchen, far and wide. These cool tea kettles will spruce up your kitchen - guaranteed! 

      Avalon Whistling Kettle with 5 Color Options

      Catalina Whistling Kettles in Stainless Steel

      The Catalina kettle is a beautiful addition Primula whistling kettle line-up, extending our line of sleek, modern tea kettles. Gone are the days when the tea kettle doesn’t look appealing enough to leave it out on your stovetop- the Catalina kettle offers up shiny elegance while providing you with hot water whenever you need it. The polished stainless steel finish is perfect for a variety of color palettes.

      Soft Grip Tea Kettle in Stainless Steel

      Primula Soft Grip Tea Kettle

      The Soft Grip tea kettle is available in stainless steel finish so you can add a beautiful tea kettle to your stovetop. The silicone black handle matching the wide-mouth lid that is perfect for easy cleaning and filling. The trigger on the handle opens the spout for safe, easy pouring.

      Cascade Whistling Kettle in Stainless Steel

      Best Tea Kettles to Spruce Up your Kitchen

      Another new addition to the Primula whistling tea kettle line-up, the Cascade offers a unique design that looks great in any kitchen. The handle has a trigger for the flip-up spout so you can safely and easily pour out your hot water with ease.

      Final Point Of Brew

      You don’t need to spend a fortune remodeling a kitchen to upgrade your style. Sometimes, just adding a simple touch of color or a cool accessory or two can turn your kitchen from drab to fab. Our line-up of cool tea kettles is perfect for just that! 

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