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      Father's Day Gift Guide

      Father's Day Gift Guide

      6 minute read

      Father’s Day Gift Guide

      Father’s Day is a day dedicated to the most important man in your life, your dad. Thank the man who has been your role model, hero, and biggest fan by treating him to gifts that he will use every day and think about you each and every time it’s put to use. This Father's Day gift guide will help you get the perfect gift for dad!  


      We don't want you to stress, with this Father's Day gift guide, we gathered some of our top products for the special man in your life that will be everyday essentials for years to come. 


      1.     Primula Cold Brew + Travel Bottle with Black Insulating Neoprene Sleeve- 20 oz.

      cold brew sleeve

      “The fatherly quest for the perfect cup of coffee doesn’t necessarily mean a hot, black beverage. Sometimes, this can mean a cold, black beverage, as well. That’s why you need to know about the Cold Brew Bottle from Primula.


      The Cold Brew Bottle is a simple solution for the age old problem of making a good, strong iced coffee without all the bitterness that can develop due to oxidation when hot brewing coffee for iced applications. Instead of starting hot and ending cold, the Cold Brew Bottle starts cold and stays cold throughout the entire brew cycle. All it takes is four tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee, 16 ounces of cool water, and 12 -24 hours of chill time with some gentle jostling from time to time to make a jug of mellow, nutty, and rich iced coffee.


      The Cold Brew Bottle features a 20-ounce borosilicate glass bottle that is resistant to thermal shock. This bottle is open at both ends in order to accommodate the removable double layer stainless steel micro-filter in the base and the cap at the other end. To help keep the cold brew cold while on the go, Primula includes a black neoprene sleeve with a convenient carry strap. Since the Cold Brew Bottle is made of glass and stainless steel, it is, of course, BPA free and dishwasher safe.


      If the Daddy in your life is an iced coffee aficionado or if you think he should be so you too can share in the dark delight, the Primula Cold Brew Bottle may be just the thing to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day.”


      Review/Copy courtesy of http://yeahstub.com/need-to-know-cold-brew-bottle-from-primula/


      2.     Primula 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker- Stainless Steel

      Father's Day Gift Guide

      Give your Pops the gift of some strong stuff with this 6 Cup Espresso Maker. Espresso-based beverages are some of the fastest growing beverages on the market right now, and for good reason. With the plethora of articles citing coffee as a healthy drink and the expansion of delicious craft beverages using espresso as the main ingredient, there’s no wonder why it’s so popular.


      Dad needs that extra little jolt in the morning. Between working, taking kids to practice, coaching the baseball team, staying caught up on all his sports and helping with homework, some might think he really is Superman for being able to stay awake and alert through it all.

      Give Dad the gift of a natural jolt of energy every morning, all brewed and served from this sleek little moka pot.


      3.     Avalanche 32 oz. Large Capacity Hot or Cold Thermal Tumbler- Matte Black


      If dad is always bringing a beverage to go, the Primula Avalanche tumbler is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. He can keep his morning coffee hot for up to 8 hours, then switch over to his cold beverage of choice and keep it cold up to 24 hours.


      The matte black powder coat is tough enough to take on the boat, to the beach or just out running errands, and the Triple Layer Copper Cold™ Technology will keep his drink cold (or hot) for hours on end.


      4.     Stash In Phone Storage Water Bottle

      stash in phone

      Is Dad always working out? Does he enjoy going on jogs while listening to his music? This water bottle may be the perfect gift for him. The Stash In Phone Storage Water Bottle allows Dad to carry his water, phone, cards, ID and more all in one hand. He can stash the things he can’t go without in the waterproof compartment, fill the bottle with his favorite drinks and never miss a beat with the headphone compatible storage compartment.


      The BPA-free Tritan™ is odor, taste and stain-resistant, and the wide opening is perfect for easy filling. The bottle also features a narrow mouth for easy drinking on the go.


      The built-in carry loop will make it easy for your Pops to carry it around, and it’s easy to keep clean because it’s dishwasher safe.


      Wow your Dad with this innovative and problem-solving gift this Father’s Day.


      5.     Park Pour Over Coffee Set

       park pourpark pour over

      This sleek pour over set is perfect for the Dad who is particular about his brew. The pour over maker allows dad to make up to 36 ounces of coffee just the way he likes it, and the all-in-one design allows him to brew and serve directly from the temperature safe borosilicate glass carafe with a non-slip base.


      The comfortable grip and stay-cool handle will ensure he has a handle on his coffee and the BPA-free materials will make sure he’s not ingesting any toxic chemicals.


      The Primula Precision Pour Over Kettle is sold separately and is a great gift since pour control is one of the most important parts of making cold brew. Don’t make your Dad struggle with a traditional kettle and give him the gift of an easy to use and a sleek addition to his pour over set up.


      6.     Coffee Brew Buddy


      The Coffee Brew Buddy is a great coffee companion and an easily-stored pour over maker, easily fitting in a drawer or backpack. A lot of our Coffee Brew Buddy fans like to use this to make a quick cup of coffee at home, while camping, at the office and even while they’re in their workshop tinkering. It’s a no-fuss way to prepare a single cup of coffee anywhere.


      Give Dad a simple pour over solution that is easy to clean, easy to pack and easy to use.


      Some Coffee Brew Buddy users have even used this tool to make cold brew coffee in the fridge and some have used it to steep their loose leaf tea.


      Whether he’s trying to make a good cup of coffee in a bad-office-coffee world or he needs an easy way to brew one cup, this is a great gift for Dad this Father’s Day.


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