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      Tea Kettle Recipes: Food You Can Make with a Tea Kettle

      Tea Kettle Recipes: Food You Can Make with a Tea Kettle

      3 minute read

      One of the simplest things in your kitchen can be used to make simple recipes, and we bet you wouldn’t have thought to use your trusty tea kettle to make them! Here’s a list of 5 things you can make using only a tea kettle! Here are Tea Kettle Hacks Food You Can Make with a Tea Kettle

      Tea Kettle Hacks Food You Can Make with a Tea Kettle

      How To Use A Tea Kettle: 

      1.    Hard boiled eggs

      Easily make hard boiled eggs with your whistling tea kettle for a quick morning breakfast that is healthy and delicious! Place eggs to one side of your kettle and fill with water so the water covers the eggs. Place the kettle on your burner so the eggs don’t directly touch the heating element (move part of the kettle off the burner) and let it boil for 13 minutes. When time’s up, pour out the water and prepare your hardboiled eggs as you would normally. Enjoy!

      2.    Oatmeal

      Whip up some oatmeal in a jiffy with your whistling tea kettle! Place your kettle on the burner with water and let the whistle alert you when it’s time to pour the hot water over you instant oatmeal. Voila.

      3.    Ramen

      A college kid’s favorite, sometimes we just want a simple bowl of ramen noodles for a quick bite to eat. Simply boil the recommended amount of water in your kettle until the whistle sounds, pour the hot water into a bowl over the dry ramen noodles, let the noodles sit in the hot water for about 3 minutes, stir in your flavoring packet and enjoy! You could also cook the noodles right inside the kettle, but we think pouring it over the noodles is a bit easier!

      4.    Heat up soup

      Have a can of soup or leftover soup that you want to heat up? Pour your soup into your tea kettle and heat on medium heat until heated through. Don’t let the soup boil, though, it can burn your soup on the bottom of your kettle. If your soup allows you to, you can easily pour it out of the spout for easy, mess free and safe serving of your bowl of goodness.

      5.    Rice

      Make rice exactly as you would in a pot, but use your kettle instead. It’s the perfect idea for camping or dorm rooms- you can have one tool to make your morning coffee, afternoon tea and rice for your dinner!

      Final Point Of Brew

      Your tea kettle doesn’t only need to be used to make the usual coffee or tea- you can do so much more than that! From instant, just-add-boiled-water-foods to heating and serving soup, the tea kettle serves as a versatile kitchen tool. Great for dorms or camping where cooking space is limited, the tea kettle can make some simple recipes in a snap! Primula’s assortment of tea kettles are not only a versatile, but a sleek, stylish addition to any kitchen. See for yourself! 

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