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      The 3 Best Teas for Weight Loss

      The 3 Best Teas for Weight Loss

      2 minute read

      We’ve compiled a list of the 3 best teas for weight loss, so you can enjoy delicious tea while kicking your metabolism up a notch (or two!). 

      The 3 Best Teas for Weight Loss


      1.   Green Tea

      Green tea has long been identified as one of the best teas to drink for your health. A study done by the International Journal of Obesity proved that drinking green tea can increase metabolism, resulting in weight loss. Don’t expect it to make you shed all of the pounds without any diet or exercise, but using green tea as a tool for weight loss is surely something worth trying- multiple studies have proven it! Other studies have shown that green tea not only increases metabolism but also increases fat oxidation as well.

      2.   Oolong Tea

      Oolong tea is another type of tea that has been linked to helping with weight loss efforts. A study from the Journal of Nutrition shows that drinking oolong tea helps increase energy expenditure, leading to weight loss. Drink some oolong tea before hitting the gym for extra energy, or drink it in the morning to kick start your day! Even if you don’t drink oolong tea to help start your day or workout, it can still help with weight loss just by drinking it. It’s worth a shot!

      3.   Yerba Mate

      Many people have turned to yerba mate tea for help with weight loss. A promising supplement, yerba mate, has been found to significantly increase energy expenditure, resulting in greater utilization of stored fat as an energy source, according to a study found in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

      Final Point of Brew

      Many different kinds of tea are great for your health. Whether you’re just looking for a natural beverage that can warm you up on a cold day, or you’re trying to drop some extra pounds, tea can be great for your health overall. Coupled with a good diet and regular exercise, these teas can really help you drop some pounds- but don’t get too obsessed with the scale! Feeling great is the most important thing.

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