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      This is the Best Iced Tea Maker for On the Go

      This is the Best Iced Tea Maker for On the Go

      3 minute read

      If you're anything like us, you're very aware that iced tea is one of the most refreshing and tastiest drinks for when that sun starts to feel like it's beaming directly down at you. The benefits of drinking iced tea go further than just being a great drink to cool you down and quench your thirst on a hot day. There are actually various health benefits that come along with iced tea and plenty of low calorie ways to enjoy the drink. We know that life tends to get a little busy and sometimes leaves us with minimal time to enjoy the sweet things in life, which is exactly why we're obsessed with this specific iced tea maker. 

      iced tea maker garden

      The Primula Press & Go is perfect for anyone who loves tea, but often finds themselves running out of time to prepare it. Not only is it going to be great for the person in a rush, it's also just as convenient for anyone who wants to spend their day out of the house at the pool, beach, or the park.

      The Press & Go is an iced tea maker that is designed to brew tea directly inside the tumbler, so that you can bring it anywhere. It is equipped with a built in stainless steel strainer that allows for maximum steeping. This iced tea tumbler is going to be the all-in-one solution for making iced tea on the go, and can be used with tea bags or loose leaf tea, it let's you decide on how you want your tea to be brewed. The Press & Go is also double walled with Tritan plastic, which allows it to be almost impossible to stain or shatter while keeping your iced tea as cold as possible, while still being easy to carry around with you.

      Press & Go, 16 Oz, Loose Leaf Iced Tea Tumbler - Primula

      Press & Go, 16 Oz, Loose Leaf Iced Tea Tumbler - Primula


      The Press & Go is the all-in-one solution for making and enjoying delicious iced tea on the go. It works with tea bags or loose leaf tea, so you can enjoy your favorite tea blend any time, anywhere. No more… read more

      With it's high-quality ultra-fine stainless steel mesh strainer and overall versatility, you might think that the Press & Go is going to be a hassle, but let us stop you right there. This tumbler is extremely easy to use and especially easy to clean because it is completely dishwasher safe. To use this tumbler, you first want to add your loose leaf or tea bags to the bottle, then fill it to the line. Once filled, fill the inner part of the tumbler to the brim with ice cubes. Then, insert the inner part back into the tumbler and screw the leak-proof lid on. Click here to see the Press & Go in all of it's glory.

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