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      Cold Brew Coffee Makers from Primula

      Cold Brew Coffee Makers

      Experience the Best in Home Cold Brew with Primula's Cold Brew Coffee Makers – Savor the Difference!

      When it comes to Cold Brew Coffee Makers Primula has you covered. Primula has been working to make the perfect brew for you to enjoy!

      Whether you are looking for Cold Brew Pitchers, replacement Cold Brew Filters, or the latest in cold brew filtration technology you have come to the right place. Shop a full selection of everything you need to make a delicious cup or cold brewed coffee. 

      Primula Burke - Best Cold Brew Maker

      Cold brew coffee makers work by brewing coffee in a brew filter submerged in water overnight on a countertop or in a refrigerator. Due to the nature of the brewing process cold brew is naturally less acidic. Because hot water isn’t used to brew, the acidic oils that are released from ground coffee by the hot water are not released. By brewing slower, with cold water, and the specially  designed cold brew filtration at the heart of Primulas cold brew pitchers, the resulting product is smoother in taste. Primula is known for being the pioneers of home-brewed cold coffee and are innovators in the space.

      Looking For an Iced Coffee Machine?

      As cold brew has become more and more popular over the last few years it seems like every cafe is making their own signature drinks. One of the best reasons to have a cold coffee brewer at home is that you can save a lot of money by making your favorite beverages at home. Simply follow the instructions included and overnight you will have a delicious, less acidic pitcher of coffee to make your favorite cold brew lattes, and other beverages.

      If you are looking for the best Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee Maker look no further than the Kedzie! The Kedzie is a cold brew coffee machine, and makes enough for the whole family. 

      When you have a cold brew coffee machine you also have access to an incredible ingredient for your culinary adventures. Try making cold brew ice cubes (never have watered down coffee again, cold brew iced cream, cold brew popsicles and more. Also, Cold brew is a great ingredient in signature cocktails! Our Primula Cold Brew Carafe even includes a flavor mixer, so you can make cold brew cocktails (or mocktails) for your friends and family! Who says cold brew is only for the morning!

      Cold Brew Coffee is perfect for those of us who prefer to have coffee ready when you are. No need to set a timer, your coffee is always brewed when you wake up. Our Cold Brew Pitchers are designed to minimize the amount of air that comes into contact with your coffee which leads to your cold brew staying fresher for longer. 

      Did you know that our cold brew makers are good for more than just making coffee? Because of the custom designed filter our Cold brew pitchers are excellent at brewing cold brew tea. Whether you prefer a fruit tea, or herbal or brewers make brewing easy. 

      At Primula we understand that you time is valuable, and we know that sometimes you need a cold coffee machine so to speak to help. Because of this we designed the filters in our cold brew machines to be exceptionally easy to clean. The bottom of the filter on our cold brewers are designed to be unscrewed so you can quickly empty coffee grounds into the waste basket, or into your compost bin. Live you iced coffee machine dreams today!