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      Hot Coffee

      Primula's range of Hot Coffee Makers, from French Presses crafted with high-quality materials to Pour Over Coffee Makers and Stovetop Espresso Makers, caters to every coffee enthusiast's needs. Each product, designed for superior brewing, comes with user-friendly features like temperature-safe components and drip-free spouts. Primula's collection also includes the classic Stovetop Percolator for those who cherish traditional brewing methods, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern convenience for your "hot coffee" moments.

      Coffee Presses 

      At Primula we design each Coffee Press to be made with high quality materials, from the temperature safe boroslicate glass to the finely crafted plungers with superfine stainless steel mesh filters that provide superior brewing capabilities. Interested in coffee and need to learn how to use a coffee press? All Primula French Presses come with detailed instructions for brewing times, for your desired strength. The fitted lids on each press feature angled spout for drip-free pours. 

      Pour Over Coffee Makers

      Primula has all the tools necessary to make the best cup of pour over coffee. From drippers to precision pour gooseneck kettles, Primula has the products to make a brew-tiful cup of pour over in your own kitchen.

      So ditch the morning coffee run and make a gourmet cup of craft coffee using pour over gear from Primula.

      Stovetop Espresso Makers

      Espresso-based beverages are a delicious way to get an extra jolt of caffeine with superior flavor. Primula’s compact and easy to use stovetop espresso makers feature temperature-resistant knobs and handles that allow for easy, safe pouring. Each espresso maker has a safety release valve that controls the pressure at which water is delivered to the coffee grounds at a set, pre-determined level for perfectly extracted espresso.

      Stovetop Coffee Percolators

      When it comes to classic camping and coffee, or just your memories of coffee bubbling, having a great stovetop percolator like the Primula Stovetop Percolator, 9 Cup, Classic Coffee Maker