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      Use Instructions for the Primula Stovetop Percolator, 9 Cup, Classic Coffee Maker 

      Fill urn with water.
      Fill level: Do not fill above the lowest row of 3 holes.
      Place 1 tbs. of coffee grounds per 5 oz./147 mL cup.
      Fit basket and screen assembly into urn.
      Secure lid, place over the heat source.
      Watch clear dome until desired color is reached.
      Serve and enjoy.



      Clean periodically with lemon juice and warm water.



      - Watch the pot carefully.

      - Always use potholder when handling hot percolator.

      - Use low heat to heat water.

      - Never allow to boil - coffee can overflow out of spout.

      - Perk no longer than 3 minutes.

      - Remove from heat when coffee has finished brewing.

      - Be cautious as the percolator is very hot.

      - Do not allow percolator to boil dry.

      - Keep out of reach of children.

      - Not suitable for microwave use.