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      Ensure stainless filter is in place inside the glass carafe. Add 1 Tbsp. of ground coffee for every 4 oz. of water to the glass carafe. Do not use fine coffee, it will clog the filter.
      Slowly pour up to 24 ounces of hot water over coffee into glass carafe. Use measurement markings for easy fill reference. Stir gently with a plastic spoon. Place lid onto carafe. Caution is required when handling hot water.
      Keep lid on glass carafe to maintain temperature and allow to brew for 4 minutes or to desired taste. Once brewing is complete, place the coffee maker on top of a mug or cup. Gently press the lever to release the desired amount of coffee into your mug. Once the desired amount of coffee has been released, remove the coffee maker from mug and gently set on the lid, which doubles as a coaster. To use, flip the lid upside down and gently set the coffee maker on top. Caution is required when handling hot water. Prepare to your taste and enjoy perfectly brewed coffee!



      - Inspect glass for any chips or cracks.

      - Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

      - Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.



      - To clean, remove the stainless steel filter.

      - Rinse out the remaining coffee grinds and hand wash with warm and soapy water.

      - Rinse with clean water.

      - Allow to dry.

      - Top rack dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.



      - Do not use if glass is chipped or cracked.

      - Keep out of reach of children.

      - Never use on stovetop or in microwave.

      - Caution is required when handling hot water.

      - Always carry coffee maker using the handle.

      Never attempt to carry from the bottom or the glass carafe as water is extremely hot. CAUTION: THE GLASS CARAFE AND OUTER HOLDER ARE NOT INTENDED TO SEPARATE. THIS DEVICE USES VERY HOT WATER. USE CAUTION.



      If necessary, use these step by step instructions.

      Caution: the glass carafe and outer holder are not intended to separate.


      To disassemble:

      - Make sure all liquid has been drained and coffee grinds are removed.

      - Remove stainless steel filter by carefully twisting and lifting out. 

      - Gently turn coffee maker upside down and remove the silicone base. To remove the base, pull on the black silicone base from under the lever.

      - Pick up the coffee maker and hold on its side. Reach inside and while holding the stainless steel stopper, remove the silicone nut cover. Then unscrew the nut from the stainless steel stopper. Be careful not to lose the spacer, nut or silicone cover. Remove the stainless steel stopper.

      - Remove the silicone gasket by reaching inside the glass carafe with your index finger. Grip onto the opening in the silicone gasket and pull out of the opening.

      - Hand wash components with warm, soapy water and dry.


      To reassemble:

      - Ensure all components are completely dry.

      - Place the coffee maker upright on countertop. Insert silicone gasket back into the bottom of the coffee maker by feeding the silicone gasket through the opening in the glass carafe. Make sure the silicone gasket lays perfectly flat against the inside and outside of coffee maker to ensure a proper seal. 

      - Pick up the coffee maker, reach inside and insert the stainless steel stopper with spacer through the hole in the lever. Screw on the nut from the other side. (Note: twist nut until it stops, it is not meant to screw all the way). Replace the silicone cover over the nut.

      - Gently turn the coffee maker upside down. Replace the silicone base by lining up the groove on the silicone with the lever on the base of the coffee maker. Push in the nubs on the silicone into the base of the coffee maker. 

      - Secure silicone base by tucking groove onto the ridge of the base of the coffee maker.

      - Replace the stainless steel filter and lid.

      Caution: Before using your coffee maker again, be sure to test with cold water to make sure it has been reassembled properly and is ready to use. Make sure there is no leaking prior to using with hot water again.

      Thank you for purchasing this Primula® coffee maker. We hope you enjoy the quality craftsmanship of this splendid product.