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      You must unscrew the colored top and handle from the clear vessel. Hold vessel against your body with handle LID Lid may be used with or without the Flavor Infuser. Lid attaches with a twist to the right, and removes with a twist to the left. Lid will click into open position after one full turn


      FLAVOR INFUSER Core rests inside handle and locks into place by turning to the right Be sure infuser is firmly seated Turn to the left to unlock and remove



      • Removable for cleaning

      • Screws on and off - Turn to the right to attach - Turn to the left to remove PITCHER Always use with handle



      • Not for microwave or stovetop use

      • Never use boiling water

      • Do not shake with hot water in the pitcher

      • Not a toy – keep away from small children and pets



      • To pour, twist lid one full rotation, counter-clockwise, aligning arrow with spout

      • Fill with fresh fruit, herbs or spices to lend intriguing flavor notes to water, tea, punch and more. Some fruits will take longer to infuse than others; sliced fruit will infuse the fastest. Infuse for at least four hours. Water may be added as it is consumed. It is best to experiment, to suit your tastes

      • Safe for use with water up to 180ºF (80ºC) Never use boiling water

      • Designed to fit most refrigerator doors



      • Pitcher, lid and handle are top rack dishwasher safe - Hand washing recommended for the pitcher

      • Infuser is dishwasher safe to the right, push out handle to unscrew.

      Turn & Lift To Interchange All Cores MyBev™ is a patent pending system of interchangeable cores. All MyBev products will accept interchangeable cores from any other MyBev product. Unique to the MyBev system, all products allow the cores to be inserted without removing the handle. Look for the MyBev logo and make MyBev your beverage system.

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