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      - DO NOT USE if glass is chipped, cracked or broken.

      -Keep out of reach of children

      -Carefully check handle before filled pot.

      -Test by filled with water and pouring out through spout.

      -Wash before and after each use.

      -Always use a POT HOLDER or OVEN MITT. Handle and knob may become HOT with use.

      -Glass Teapot IS stovetop, microwave and dishwasher safe.

      -Do not heat on temperature setting higher than medium.

      -Teapot should not be placed on a element or burner larger than the bottom of the teapot.

      -Do not allow flames to extend up the side of the teapot.

      -Do not place empty teapot over heat.

      -Never allow teapot to boil dry.

      -Caution is required then handling hot water.

      -It is recommended to use a pot holder while pouring hot water in the teapot.