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      Fill one third of a mug or gloss with milk and heat to l 50°F/70°C (heating optional). Insert frother coil into bottom of mug or glass and turn frother on. Slowly move frother coil around the bottom of the mug or gloss until milk begins to expand. Slowly raise frother coil up so that is always just under the top of the froth. After 15-30 seconds, milk will froth to more than twice its volume. Turn !rather
      off before removing from frothed milk. Works with all types of milk, including skim, soy and half and half. For best results, worm milk before frothing (150"F/70"C). Pour your coffee slowly into your frothed milk or pour or spoon frothed milk onto your coffee.



      Remove plastic tab from battery compartment. Wash frother following cleaning instructions.



      Dip coil in warm, soapy water and turn on frother. Turn off. Rinse well. Turn on briefly to dry. Do not immerse handle in liquids or put frother in dishwasher.


      BATTERIES: Replace batteries when motor noticeably slows. Slide battery cover on handle to remove batteries. Follow battery diagram on frother and insert 2 new AA batteries. Replace cover.


      SAFETY: Keep out of reach of children. Do not touch coil while frother is on.