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      Borosilicate glass is highly resistant to temperature changes; you can use your carafe to heat cold liquids in the microwave, or chill hot liquids in the refrigerator without worry of thermal shock breakage associated with common glass.

      To use with the Primula Pour Over Coffee Dripper, place the Dripper cone atop the carafe and follow the Pour Over Dripper instructions for making fresh, full-bodied coffee.

      To prepare frothy milk for the perfect latte or cappuccino, put the desired amount of milk in the carafe, then microwave just long enough to heat through. Once heated, use a frother or hand mixer (not included) to achieve the amount of foam desired. Add the velvety, foamy milk to your freshly brewed espresso, and enjoy a delicious, barista-style treat at home.

      Use your carafe to easily melt butter, chocolate or other meltable solids without scorching or burning by placing it in a microwave on a low- power (50%) or defrost setting. For best results, heat at 10 – 30 second intervals (depending on the solid and volume you are melting), stirring with a spoon between each heating session if necessary.



      • Inspect for any cracks or chips.

      • Wash thoroughly in warm, soapy water.

      • Rinse well with clean water, then towel or air-dry.



      • To clean, hand wash with warm soapy water.

      • Rinse with clean water.

      • Allow to dry.

      • Dishwasher safe.



      • Do not use if cracked or chipped.

      • Keep out of reach of children.

      • Do not place carafe directly on an electric coil stovetop.

      • If you wish to keep liquids warm in the carafe, you may place the carafe on   either a low-heat glass stove top or a low-heat gas flame. If you have an   electric coil stove top, you must use an appropriate stainless steel wire grid  (not included).

      • Do not wash while still hot.