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      • Before first use, wash all components separately in warm, soapy water

      • Unscrew lid and remove inner chamber. Note: If inner chamber becomes hard to remove from the outer, add a little water to wet the silicone base, then turn the inner chamber while pulling outward to remove

      • In the outer chamber, add loose leaf or bagged tea—1–2 teaspoons. Add hot water to the fill line indicator. Follow tea manufacturer’s instructions for brewing

      • After tea is done brewing, fill the inner chamber with ice, then slowly press it down into the outer chamber

      • Securely fasten lid before using

      • Use built in carry loop in the lid to easily take on-the-go



      • Not for microwave or stovetop use

      • Odor, taste and stain resistant. Made from food safe materials

      • Never use or place in boiling water

      • Do not overfill tumbler, hot liquids can scald user

      • Always ensure lid is securely fastened before using, hot liquids can scald user

      • Not a toy—keep away from small children and pets

      • Not for use in the freezer

      • Do not drink hot liquids directly from tumbler

      • Do not brew tea with lid attached

      • Use caution while tea is brewing as exterior of the tumbler will be hot to the touch



      • Lid and inner and outer chambers are top rack dishwasher safe

      • Do not clean with abrasive cleaners and scrubbers

      • Do not clean with products that contain bleach or chlorine

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