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      • Not for microwave or stovetop use

      • Made from food safe plastics

      • Odor, taste, stain and crack resistant

      • Never use boiling water

      • Do not shake with hot water in the pitcher

      • Not a toy – keep away from small children and pets



      • Flip top lid will “click” when top is sealed closed

      • When pouring out of the pitcher, open lid halfway, by turning a full 180 degrees, aligning arrows

      • Fill with fresh fruit, herbs or spices to lend intriguing flavor notes to water, tea, punch and more

      • Shake-activate for super fast infusion — Be sure lid is click locked

      • Shake + Infuse Pitcher may be shaken with two hands, one on the lid and one on the base — Avoid shaking holding only the handle

      • Never use boiling water



      • Pitcher and lid are top rack dishwasher safe — Hand washing recommended for the pitcher • Infuser is dishwasher safe