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      USE INSTRUCTIONS (READ WARNINGS before first use)



      • Before using the espresso maker for the first time, wash all parts in hot water.

      • It is recommended that the first “Brew” be thrown away.



      • Separate top section from base, hand wash in warm water and dry thoroughly.

      • Do not use detergent when washing.

      • Do not put in dishwasher. Hand wash only.



      • Do not overfill water in the base; espresso makers work on a pressure system.

      • The espresso maker is not suitable for keeping coffee hot.

      • Always use potholders when handling hot espresso maker.

      • Never use espresso maker without water.

      • Use ground coffee only. Never use extracts, infusions, or instant coffee; they will block filter plate.

      • When using on gas, control flame from extending up the side of the espresso maker.

      • The handle must not be in close proximity or come in contact with any heat source.