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      Boil filtered water in a separate vessel, preferably a slow pouring kettle. Prepare about twice the amount you will need for your cup of coffee. Insert the paper filter into the dripper and set in place over the mug. For optimal taste, slowly pour boiling water through the filter to rinse away any paper taste and preheat the components. When the water has filtered through, remove the dripper and discard the water from the mug. Replace the dripper with wet filter over the mug.

      2. Add fresh, medium to medium-fine ground coffee to the filter (approximately 2 TBS. per 6 oz. of water, or to desired taste). Level the surface of the coffee and make a small indentation in the middle.
      Taste can be affected by bean type, roast, grind and brew time.

      3. Slowly pour hot water (approximately 200°F is best) into the center indentation of coffee until all of the grounds are wet, then let it rest for 30 – 45 seconds. The coffee will swell and bloom as it begins releasing flavor from the grounds. Continue gently pouring water in a circular motion starting at the center and moving in and out. Keep the water flow as steady as possible to maintain a consistent volume throughout the process, making sure not to overfill the dripper. Allow about 2-3 minutes for this process to ensure optimal flavor extraction.

      4. When you have finished pouring the desired amount of water into the dripper and soaked the grounds evenly, let the remaining water filter through into the mug. Remove the dripper and discard the paper filter. That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy a truly superb, full-bodied and delightfully fresh cup of coffee made just the way you love it.



      Inspect for any cracks or chips.

      • Wash thoroughly in warm, soapy water.

      • Rinse well with clean water, then towel or air-dry. 



      • To clean, hand wash with warm soapy water.

      • Rinse with clean water.

      • Allow to dry.

      • Dishwasher safe. 



      • Do not use if cracked or chipped.

      • Keep out of reach of children.

      • Always use caution when handling hot water.

      • Do not wash while still hot.



      Customize flavor and strength with the speed at which you pour the hot water (quickly for lighter coffee or slowly for a darker brew). We recommend using unbleached paper filters for optimal coffee flavor. Water Temp = 200°F (93°C). Allow water to boil and wait 20–30 sec. before pouring over coffee. 


      Thank you for purchasing the Primula® Pour Over Coffee Dripper Set. We hope you enjoy the quality craftsmanship of this splendid product.