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The Primula 50 oz Cold Brew Glass Carafe makes rich, delicious full bodied coffee concentrate that is 65% less acidic than hot brewed coffee. This carafe makes cold brewed coffee that can last up to 14 days when stored in the fridge. BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass and can withstand extreme temperatures without risk of cracking. The base has a silicone ring around the bottom for a secure grip to your table or side of the fridge door.


Item Number
Weight 2.36 lbs
Dimensions 5.91 × 3.94 × 11.43 in



•1.6 Qt. capacity
•Elegant, tall, temperature safe borosilicate glass carafe for brewing and serving
•Non-slip base
Brew Core with superfine stainless steel mesh to keep the grounds inside, and removable bottom for easy cleaning
•Removable top with perfect pour spout may be used with or without cores
•Fits inside most fridge doors
•Spinning Flavor Mixer pumps and mixes coffee and flavoring
•Brew the best non-bitter cold brew coffee with a smooth, robust flavor that is 65% less acidic than hot brew coffee
•Cold brew stays fresh for 14 days in the fridge
•BPA free
•Top rack dishwasher safe
•Includes: Carafe, MyBev™ Brew Core, and MyBev™ Flavor Mixer


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