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Jasmine Flowering Teas with Gift Canister – This beautiful 12 pack tea canister has enough tea flowers to makes over 250 cups of tea. Each tea flower has been exceptionally crafted by artisans in China to create the hand-sewn green tea with all natural tea flowers. The green tea is blended five times with jasmine to emanate an ambrosial floral fragrance. Each package contains 12 different flowering teas along with an illustrated picture and health benefit guide. Choose a pot of Floral Passion, Noble Madam, Oriental Beauty or Camellia Joy. Or watch your cup erupt with Wild Flowers, Gilded Lotus, Lover’s Blossom or Juliet’s Kiss. Other popular flavors like London Fog, Butterfly Floret, Fairy Lily and Summer Bouquet complete your choices in the taste sensation. Try all twelve green tea blends and be amazed at how each bud delivers a delectable cup of tea and an optical sensation. Each tea blend is packed with healthy anti-oxidants and can be steeped three times giving you over 250 cups in each canister. These tea flowers make an excellent gift for special occasions and are something any tea lover would enjoy. We especially enjoy using these flowering teas with our glass teapots. In this video, you can view our Primula Flowering Tea opening up beautifully.


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Weight 0.44 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6.25 in


•Tin-topped gift canister includes 12 unique jasmine flowering teas, individually wrapped and labeled with an illustration of fully bloomed bud
•Exceptionally crafted and hand sewn by artisans in China from the finest hand-picked AA grade green tea leaves and all natural edible flowers
•Each tea blend is packed with healthy anti-oxidants and can be steeped three times, making over 250 cups of tea
•Includes: 12 Green Tea Flowers with Natural Jasmine


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